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PS AUDIO - PerfectWave PowerBase

Power Conditioner

PS Audio - PerfectWave PowerBase APSPWPBSLV

PS AUDIO - PerfectWave PowerBase

Power Conditioner

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PS Audio PerfectWave PowerBase

Power Conditioning And Vibration Control in a Single Chassis

An elegant component-isolation base, PS Audio's PerfectWave PowerBase combines a proprietary isolation base with a passive PS Audio power conditioner. Use PowerBase on all of your source components and even on amplification equipment for immediate sonic improvements. Space between instruments, vocals, and soundstaging cues instantly improve. Backgrounds become blacker while dramatically reducing the noise floor. PowerBase even lowers the smearing and grunge associated with microphonics—especially on tubes, turntables, CD players, and source gear. When you hear your system delivered without distortions caused by both vibration and AC-borne noise, you know you're finally hearing everything your system is capable of producing. 100% Music Direct Money Back Guaranteed!

"I feel that there is an improvement in clarity and openness to music. The background is blacker  and vocals seem to stand out further  from the background.  ...All of the excitement of a live performance  that is inherent in the format is very apparent. The excellent imaging  places the performers in their correct  locations within my listening room."
Hi-Fi Choice, 4-star review

Isolation Base
The tendency of all equipment to act like a microphone and re-amplify a delayed ghost image of what's playing on the loudspeaker is called microphonics and this ghost image is what any proper isolation base or technology is trying to reduce. The audible effects of this ghost image are a loss of focus, decreased separation of massed instruments, voices as well as a general smearing of the image. Audiophiles have spent countless hours trying various cures including: cones, feet, spikes, platforms, bricks and discs to reduce the level of microphonic pickup in equipment. However, aside from the fact that these various tweaks clutter the setup visually, they are also rarely a complete solution designed as a holistic approach to vibration control. The PowerBase takes a different approach to vibration control by engineering a holistic multi-tiered system that includes both vibration dissipation and masking.

"Clean looks, and a cleaner sound, the PowerBase is a unique product that warrants auditioning if you are trying to eke out the best performance from your components. Definitely recommended."

Power Conditioning
Even the most exotic vibration control systems lack effective power cleaning facilities built into them and require additional chassis, power cables and clutter in the system to achieve effective power isolation and cleansing. AC power problems are inherent in both the wall voltage as well as the equipment itself. What's needed to improve the power is an effective one-way-gate that reduces power line differential and common mode noises and distortions at the source. The closer to the equipment, the shorter the connecting power cable between the equipment and the power filter, the better the sound quality of the system. PS Audio engineers designed a new low impedance passive common and differential mode filter that's built right into the PowerBase. Using large core magnetics and heavy gauge, low turn OFC windings, reductions of power line noise greater than 40dB can be achieved. The results are like a breath of fresh air to your system.

"I am convinced that the PowerBase improves dimensionality, dynamics and enhances timbral realism, without altering the frequency response. I would think that this product can be of benefit to any stereo system, as it removes noise which is often responsible for an unpleasantness in the treble and should not degrade the sound of stereo systems whose frequency response may be imbalanced."
– Roy Harris, Audiophilia

Vibration Dissipation
The key to effective mechanical isolation is to use multiple subsystems tuned apart by a magnitude difference, which dissipates the vibrational energy over a fairly broad spectrum. The PowerBase achieves this ideal by using two subsystems separately tuned apart by a factor of ten. The first subsystem in the PPB is the base and suspension system itself. High durometer (very stiff) adjustable Sorbothane feet are attached to a specially damped 16 gauge steel and aluminum bottom chassis that forms the first level of energy dissipation in the system. Mounted inside the base chassis is the second subsystem, formed from low durometer (soft) Sorbothane feet supporting a massive 20 pound damped 1/4" steel plate that forms a floating platform the equipment sits on. The combination of a soft suspension supporting a high-mass floating platform coupled with a stiff suspension lower-mass body form a broad spectrum mechanical energy dissipation system that is extremely effective at reducing induced vibrations from the loudspeaker pair.

  • Dual isolation system
  • Massive (20 pound) floating equipment platform with built-in power conditioning
  • Dual sets of tuned Sorbothane supports
  • Perfect for virtually any component: Turntables, preamps, sources, poweramps, even Power Plants
  • 40 dB rejection of common and differential mode noise
  • Supports up to 100 pounds
  • Isolates and distributes power for up to 2 pieces of equipment
  • Remarkable improvement in sound quality
Weight: 25 lbs.
Dimensions: 14" D × 17" W × 2.5" H
Color: Silver or Black

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