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VPI - Classic 1 SE Turntable


VPI - Classic 1 Original Turntable AVPITTC1OB

VPI - Classic 1 SE Turntable


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Straight from the Workbench of VPI Founder Harry Weisfeld: Save $800 and Hear All the Details Ebedded in the Grooves of Your Vinyl LPs With the Incredible-Sounding VPI Classic 1 SE Turntable

VPI's Classic 1 SE turntable is a modern homage to the classic VPI designs that made VPI synonymous with state-of-the-art turntable design more than two decades ago. The American-made Classic 1 SE comes standard with an incredible new stainless steel/aluminum platter, a special hard-mounted version of the JMW-10.5i Unipivot tonearm, and a whisper-quiet AC synchronous motor. Also standard: An ultra-solid, mass-loaded plinth with a real wood finish, silent inverted bearing, high-purity copper wiring for the the JMW-10.5i, and Mini HR-X isolation feet.

Most importantly, these cutting-edge features combine to make Classic 1 SE a phenomenal-sounding component that will exceed your analog needs for years to come. Fast, clean, and wide open, it boasts incredible control, ultra-deep bass extension, and phenomenal speed stability. When you spin LPs, you'll immediately notice attention-getting tonal definition, broad soundstaging, and the kind of pace and timing that places you at the recording sessions.

Classic 1 SE helps reveal what's actually embedded in vinyl's grooves, and when you hear all the detailed information you never knew existed, you'll want to go back and rediscover all your favorite records with newfound ears and perspective. Equally at home in a modest setup or $300,000 dream system, Classic 1 SE gives any turntable in its price range a serious run for the money – 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

The Differences Between VPI Classic 1 SE and VPI Classic
On Classic 1 SE, the motor is directly to the left of the platter and in line with the spindle. On the current Classic, the motor is positioned on the left rear of the plinth. In addition, Classic 1 SE touts a 24V motor while Classic utilizes a 120V motor. Also, Classic 1 SE is not compatible with VPI's older SDS speed control system but properly works with the newer, cheaper, and better-sounding VPI Analog Drive System (ADS) speed control system.


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