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A High-End Turntable at an Entry-Level Price? You Better Believe It!

The American-Made VPI Traveler is Inspired by the Memory of Sheila Weisfeld, VPI Co-Founder and a Dear Friend

While supplies last, you can own this best-selling turntable at a special price.

VPI's original Traveler turntable is a true labor of love and designed in memory of VPI co-founder Sheila Weisfeld. Sheila always wanted to see VPI design a great-sounding 'table at a more accessible price point so that many more music lovers could be impacted by this great American company. Beyond the touching tribute, the Traveler sets a new benchmark for analog performance at its price. It's built to last a lifetime. And we know you will love the sound quality.

"It had the confident, relaxed fluidity of open-reel tape. I can't imagine a happier way of listening to LPs than with the VPI Traveler. At $1299, the Traveler isn't merely reasonably priced -- it's a remarkable bargain, built to last a lifetime."
– Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

The Traveler is partially based on all the progress VPI made with its award-winning Classic turntables. The new belt-driven motor is tuned for vibration-free performance, allowing the Traveler to deliver much better speed stability and tremendous bottom-end control. Also taken from the Classic is the heavy aluminum and steel platter, albeit a smaller version that's better suited to this design.

But the most impressive advance is the 10" Gimballed-bearing tonearm, a first for VPI. It features custom-designed, low-friction, spring-loaded, sapphire Gimballed bearings. This new tonearm is a major enhancement, and responsible for the 'table's amazing clarity and detail retrieval. Believe us when we tell you that the Traveler is worthy of the world's finest and most expensive phono cartridges.

In speaking with Music Direct about the arm, VPI co-founder Harry Weisfeld says: "This new VPI tonearm, designed specifically for the Traveler turntable, is based on some tried and true methods of making gyroscopes, but with a few cool engineering twists. The four Gimbal bearings are made of extremely sharp, hardened-steel male points going into sapphire female cups. These cups are spring-loaded against the points so the arm never has chatter and, at the same time, has extremely low resonance like the VPI Unipivot arms. Due to the spring loading of the bearings, upon final factory adjustment of the tonearm, you get virtually no friction. This new tonearm design has absolutely no resonance in the audio band and is essentially a perfect bearing assembly."

Harry and Sheila Weisfeld spent the last 35 years of their lives working on VPI turntables. While the Traveler is dedicated in Sheila's memory, you can be sure that Harry and their son, Matthew, are even more dedicated than ever to ensure that VPI builds American-made 'tables for the next generation and beyond. The Traveler is the culmination of sheer ingenuity and engineering prowess. We know you will be honored to own one of these impressive turntables. 

  • 10” Gimballed tonearm
  • Low friction in the spring loaded sapphire Gimballed bearings     
  • Aluminum/Steel platter
  • Aluminum top plate 
  • Belt drive motor

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