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KEF - LS50W Powered Music System (Pair)


KEF - LS50 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers AKEFLS50WB

KEF - LS50W Powered Music System (Pair)


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Plug-and-Play KEF LS50 Changes Wireless Loudspeaker Possibilities: Reference Sound Plus Built-In 24-Bit/192kHz DSP, Dedicated DACs, and Amps (230W Total) on Each Speaker

Forget what you think you know about active loudspeakers. Offering groundbreaking performance, effortless ease of use, limitless flexibility, and reference-setting sound, the KEF LS50 permanently change what's possible from wireless loudspeakers. The plug-and-play LS50 system is the result of prestigious engineering, cutting-edge technology, and precision parts. Each of these elegant, sophisticated speakers come complete with an end-to-end 24-bit/192kHz DSP, two dedicated DACs (one on each channel), a streaming preamplifier, and two amplifiers (230W total) in bi-amp dual-mono configuration. You read that correctly: All of these audiophile-grade components are built-in and, even better, specifically designed and optimized for LS50, achieving synchronicity impossible with most separates. All you have to do is plug in LS50 to an outlet, connect the supplied interconnect between the left and right speakers, and choose your music source. LS50 even includes a selectable EQ that compensates for different mounting and placement scenarios, while KEF's patented Uni-Q technology ensures detailed, accurate, and seamless imaging independent of where you sit. LS50 works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, traditional analog, optical, and USB connections. Everything from TIDAL to CDs, computer audio to LPs (phono preamplifer required), and TVs to game consoles is covered. You can switch between inputs with the press of a button on the OLED touchscreen or remote. And while this kind of versatility is rare, just wait until you hear how magical LS50 sounds. You've never heard anything like it. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"I think the LS50 Wireless is one of those important products we'll still be talking about long into the future. This is one of the best and most important products we'll see all year, and comes highly recommended."
– Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

LS50's clear, transparent, deep, and dynamic sonics stem from the nature of its build. Specialized integration of FEA-designed cabinet, constrained layer damping bracing, custom-made curved baffle, and Uni-Q driver complement an elliptical flexible port and combine to eliminate vibration, radiation, distortion, resonance, and coloration. Three-dimensional soundstaging transpires via the Uni-Q driver, which places the tweeter in the center of the bass/midrange cone. LS50 also boasts an advanced time-correcting DSP crossover and unique dispersion properties, yielding pioneering crossover timing alignment in different types of rooms no other active loudspeaker manages to accomplish. And no matter the source, fully immersive hi-res music reproduction is a constant reality due to the end-to-end 24-bit/192kHZ DSP that creates a completely digital, hi-res signal path from the input to the amplifiers. Just as it should be.

"If this product doesn't convince audiophiles of the legitimacy of active loudspeakers, nothing will."
– John Darko, DigitalAudioReview.net, Product of the Year

KEF extended LS50's brilliance to its customizability functions. You can easily live happily with LS50 by sticking with the established DSP parameters. But audio enthusiasts also have the option to use the downloadable app and tweak to their hearts desire, adjusting for room dimensions, acoustic properties, speaker placement, and more. Want to go back to the factory settings? Press one button and it's done. Want to add a subwoofer? LS50 lets that happen too, but we think you're going to love the sound – and be more than satisfied with the bass-without feeling obligated to toss a sub into the mix. After all, LS50 is all about simplicity – and clutter-free existence. No speaker cables or audio rack needed. No separates required. The industry has never seen a speaker quite like LS50. If you're challenged on space, want a deft computer-audio solution, or seek to add high-end sound in spaces other than a dedicated listening room, LS50 cannot be beat.

“These smallish speakers aren’t shy; they pump out punchy bass that delves deeper than expected while still maintaining composure.”
The Absolute Sound, 2018 Golden Ear Award

"My traditional $7200 system couldn't keep up with KEF's $2199.99, all-in-one music system. I'm confused, irrationally angry, and ultimately, deeply impressed with what KEF has accomplished in the LS50W."
– Hans Wetzel, Sound Stage Access, Reviewers' Choice Award

"Whether in standard or wireless form, the KEF LS50 became the bookshelf monitor loudspeaker to beat right from the outset. The 21st Century version of the LS3/5A is a true modern masterpiece!"
– Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, Best Products of the Last Five Years

"As for the impression of studio sound, it comes simply from the tremendous precision of which these speakers are capable. The over-sizing of the amplification...ensures reactivity that's quite simply phenomenal."
Les Numériques (France), five-star review

"British hi-fi at its wireless best."
Esquire: The Big Black Book 100

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