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Shunyata Research Shunyata - Hydra Triton v3 Power Conditioner

Power Conditioner

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The World's Preeminent Power Conditioner: U.S.A.-Made Shunyata Hydra Triton v3 Power Conditioner Delivers Superlative Musical Performance, Reference Dynamics, and Impeccable Timing

Loaded With Trademarked Technology and Proprietary Manufacturing Techniques: Shunyata Hydra Triton v3 Power Conditioner Features Premier Noise-Reduction Circuitry, QR/BB Modules

Multiple trademarked technologies, proprietary manufacturing procedures, and breakthrough electrical design ideas are just a few of the reasons why the Shunyata Hydra Triton v3 is the world's most preeminent power conditioner. Offering superlative performance, goosebump-inducing dynamics, impeccable timing, and the blackest of black backgrounds, Triton v3 serves as both a high-end audio flagship and state-of-the-art engineering vision. Made in the U.S.A., Triton v3 boasts front-to-back enhancements such as QR/BB technology and CCI v3 filter modules on each outlet that make your music and movies sound – and look – hyper-realistic. You can read about the complex technical features, parts, and implementations in understandable laymen's terms below, but for now, simply know that Triton v3 represents the pinnacle of power-conditioning capability. Shunyata thoroughly considered and subsequently tested each and every detail, component, and effect inside and outside Triton v3. This is as good as it gets. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

“The degree of enhancement that the Triton v3 performed for my system was one of the largest sonic improvements I can remember over the last several years. For those of you that have the older versions of the Triton, I highly recommend that you upgrade your unit.”
—Steven Plaskin, Audiostream

Prodigious Advances In Sonic and Visual Performance, Front-to-Back Updates
Hydra Triton v3 represents a major material and measurable advance of the pioneering concepts that made the original Triton model the most professionally and critically acclaimed product of its kind. Sonically and visually, the performance differences between the original Triton and v3 are nothing less than extraordinary. Superior DTCD and Noise Measurements only hint at the dramatic increase in perceived background silence, improved dynamics, and musical timing. Virtually all the parts – with the exception of the patented Noise Isolation Chambers – are significantly updated within Triton v3.

Zero-Point Power Distribution System, CCI Filters, CopperConn Outlet
Such improvements include the Zero-Point Power Distribution System (ZPP-DS), a custom-manufactured all-copper buss system linking all outlets to a single point of electrical contact. Internally, Shunyata's CCI (Component-to-Component Interference) noise filters have are applied to each outlet, preventing the spread of high-frequency noise between terminals. Triton v3s also come equipped with external grounding terminals. They're capable of grounding any remote system component through the central Noise Isolation Chambers contained within each v3. Shunyata even implemented its own CopperCONN US outlet, which is culled from solid copper and which offers superior grip strength and connectivity (DTCD) compared to any standard or audiophile-grade US model outlet.

Definitive Quantifiable Proof: DTCD™ Design (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery)
TRITON v3 is designed using the DTCD™ measurement analyzer. DTCD™ Analysis measures instantaneous current through low-impedance electrical conductors and contacts. Shunyata utilizes it to optimize the design, specification, and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current delivery performance.

CCI™ v3 and QR/BB Noise Reduction Eliminate Negatives of Conventional Designs
Traditional power conditioners are designed to block noise coming in from outside the home but do not address the noise generated by electronic components. Most conditioners reflect noise back into other components connected to the power conditioner. CCI™ v3 (Component-to-Component Interference ) is a significant but often overlooked aspect to power-system performance. Shunyata's CCI™ v3 filter consists of a proprietary multi-stage filter that reduces RFI and power-supply-generated interference. QR/BB is Shunyata’s latest, innovative, technology that eliminates the sense of dynamic compression often heard when an amplifier is connected through a power conditioner. Dynamics are actually improved when an amplifier is connected to Triton v3 even when compared with a direct connection to a high-capacity dedicated AC line. This allows HYDRA power distributors to reduce noise without any of the negatives associated with conventional power conditioner designs.

Superior Connectivity: CopperCONN™ Outlets and ZPP-DS Distribution Buss
All commercial-grade connectors and virtually all audiophile-grade connectors are made from a brass or bronze base metals. Shunyata's CopperCONN™ is constructed using solid, high-purity, oxygen-free copper as the base metal that's complemented with a flash coating to protect the copper from oxidation. CopperCONN™ outlets and connectors provide superior grip strength and contact integrity. This contributes to a measurable improvement in DTCD™ performance and a correspondingly obvious difference in audible performance. Shunyata's ZPP-DS distribution buss significantly reduces the daisy-chained wires, terminal strips, and terminal connectors found within common power conditioners. The power outlets, electrical terminals, and main electrical buss are all unified in a single OFC copper buss that dramatically improves DTCD™.

Superior Solutions Allow for Pure Sound, Maximum Current Delivery
Shunyata's exclusive VTX™ conductors are virtual tubes. The core is completely electrically hollow so that all of the current travels through the circumference of the conductor, thus eliminating skin effects and random eddy currents through the conductor. VTX™ conductors are produced with CDA-101 copper, the highest-purity copper available. In addition, common power conditioners use fuses or thermal breakers for over-current protection. Yet they cause voltage drops, increased contact impedance, thermal noise, excessive heat generation, and current-limiting effects when heavily loaded. TRITON v3 employs a more advanced solution: A hydraulic electromagnetic breaker that can operate right up the to the maximum current level without the limitations of fuses or thermal breakers.

Conquering Vibration Through In-House Manufacturing and Scrupulous Design
Power distributors react very similar to amplifiers in their relationship to floor-borne vibration. After researching multiple forms of energy-dissipation methods, Shunyata developed a footer that possesses the performance characteristics of an expensive after-market isolator but that also provides a firm grip on the shelf. The Triton v3 power distributor chassis is made with heavy-gauge steel – not plastic or thin wall-sheet metal. Additionally, Shunyata designs its own vibration-dampening materials that measurably reduce vibration through the chassis. Shunyata also developed vibration-absorbing gaskets that isolate the AC outlets from the chassis in the reference Triton v3.

Impeccable Care, Proprietary Control
Shunyata operates its own cryogenic treatment plant. The company's proprietary ArNi Cryo Treatment procedure is more advanced than the conventional nitrogen-based procedure. All the critical connectors, conductors, and contacts used in Shunyata power cables, signal cables, and power distributors are treated to enhance their performance. Shunyata's research also shows that parts (i.e., small ring terminals and spades that conner a wire to a switch terminal) deemed insignificant by some designers and engineers can be detrimental to DTCD and adversely affect sonic quality. Therefore, Shunyata designs and makes a wide variety of these small parts. Some are made with specific metals and platings; others have unique application specific designs.

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