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VPI - 3D Armwand Only

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VPI JMW Classic 3D Armwand

Built on a State-of-the-Art 3D Printing Machine: VPI JMW Classic 3D Armwand Marks the Biggest Advance in Tonearm Technology in Five Decades

Golden Ear Award-Winner Sounds Unbelievably Realistic: VPI JMW Classic 3D Armwand Works on VPI Classic, Super ScoutMaster, and Aries Models as Well as Any VPI 'Table With a Ten-Inch Arm

State-of-the-art 3D printing has produced the biggest advance in tonearm design anyone has ever heard in the form of the award-winning, incredibly natural-sounding VPI JMW Classic 3D armwand. This groundbreaking device simply gets out of the way and lets more music through. Made from one solid piece of perfectly non-resonant epoxy material (a high-temperature laser creates each layer, which measures .001 of an inch at a time), the JMW Classic 3D armwand touts an extremely rigid character that literally has no resonant structure. As a result, this armwand brings dramatic microdetails to the surface and lets you hear more of everything you want to hear on your records. Your VPI 'table will never be the same. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

New Counterweight, Total Precision, and SoundSmith Counter Intuitive 
The JMW Classic 3D armwand uses a new counterweight that is press-fit, making it vastly easier to use and eliminating the frustration of set-screws. To ensure precision, every JMW Classic 3D armwand includes the SoundSmith Counter Intuitive. Installed prior to sliding on the counterweight, Counter Intuitive makes fine adjustment of VTF easy and repeatable. More information about the Counter Intuitive is available here.

Printed on a Highly Advanced $350k Machine
Each JMW Classic 3D armwand is made on a terrifically advanced 3D machine that costs $350,000 and which designs and builds complex parts previously built from multiple pieces (each with their own resonant pint) as one solid piece. Trust use when we say that the JMW Classic 3D is no subtle improvement. 
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