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CAIG - DeoxIT Vacuum Tube Survival Kit


Caig - DeoxIT Vacuum Tube Survival Kit ACAIGVTSK

CAIG - DeoxIT Vacuum Tube Survival Kit


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Boost the Performance of Your Tube Gear in Minutes With the CAIG DeoxIT Vacuum-Tube Survival Kit: Includes Cleaning Solution, Contact Enhancer, Brushes, Cloths, Swabs, More

Tubes contacts oxidize over time, reducing signal transfer and distorting sonic performance. Enter the Caig DeoxIT Vaccum-Tube Survival Kit, an indispensable way to clean tube pins and sockets. We love the effectiveness of CAIG products so we badgered the company until they agreed to build us this exclusive package.

We were very specific: Everything included had to clean tubes and tube sockets quickly and easily. We also needed it to improve the sound and increase conductivity. CAIG created a custom solution of its extremely popular CAIG DeoxIT: D25L, a 25% concentration of the DeoxIT cleaner, is enormously effective at removing the scorching and oxidization which so greatly affects tube performance. This powerful solution is strong enough to remove even the toughest oxidization without damaging the delicate pins underneath. We also found that allowing the pins to soak for a while in a bath of this solution cleaned even more, so we had CAIG throw in a pair of troughs for soaking the tube pins.

We also had CAIG include two sizes of brushes for scrubbing out both input and output tube sockets, a pair of swabs, and a stack of polishing cloths. Finally, you get a small bottle of DeoxIT Gold GX-MD, a special formulation just for vacuum tubes and the high temperatures they sustain. GX-MD won't evaporate quickly like other contact enhancers and is rated to more than 400° Farenheit. Just a little swipe with DeoxIT Gold GX-MD goes a long way.

With this kit, your tube gear will keep glowing and going, just like on the first day you powered it up!

Each CAIG Vacuum-Tube Survival Kit Includes:
  • 1x 25mL bottle of D25L Cleaning Solution
  • 1x 7.4mL bottle of DeoxIT Gold GX-MD (high-temp contact enhancer)
  • 2x Large Troughs for soaking tube pins
  • 2x Large Socket Brushes
  • 1x Small Socket Brushes
  • 2x Large Swabs
  • 12x Polishing Cloths

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