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EAT - Cool Valve ECC82 aka 12AU7


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The EAT Cool Valve ECC82

The new European-built EAT ECC82 (12AU7) triode tube from the European Audio Team is incredible. Simply put, the EAT ECC82 has greater focus, greater clarity, greater resolution and a lower noise floor than any ECC82 we've ever heard.

Built to the tightest tolerances in the world, EAT manufactures their tubes to an absolute scale for to ensure that every tube sounds exactly as it should, no deviation from perfection.  EAT are extensively tests their tubes to ensure accuracy and thermal stability as well as matching every other EAT tube made. Each EAT Cool Valve tube includes an integrated EAT Tube Damper for improved resistance to vibration.

Rated for a lifespan of 10,000 hours, these tubes have beat the pants off our NOS (New Old Stock) input tubes. Still have doubts? Give us a call.

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