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ELECTROHARMONIX TUBES Electro-Harmonix - EL34 Tube (Matched Pr)


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Our Favorite Current Production EL-34! 

The new Electro-Harmonix EL-34EH is extremely musical with a sound that is rich, smooth, and highly detailed without being edgy. It has terrific bottom-end extention, as well. It is the perfect EL-34 for vintage equipment and a sure way to improve the performance of modern equipment.

According to the technical journal, Vacuum Tube Valley, the '...new EL34[EH] comes very close to the sonics of a Mullard EL34...' They go on to say, 'The Electro-Harmonix tube is balanced throughout the entire music spectrum. Bass goes deep and is tight, mids are sweet andwell defined and highs are detailed and extended.'

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