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Tung-Sol - KT120 Tube CRYO (Matched Pr)


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Deliver Upwards of 150W in Push-Pull Configuration: Ultra-Stable Tung-Sol KT120 Matched-Pair Tubes Feature CryoAcoustic Treatment by Music Direct for Better Sound and Longer Life

Tung-Sol KT120 matching-pair vacuum tubes claim a storied history that stretches back to September of 1950 when the company introduced the 5881, an industrial version of the 6L6GA with a 23.5W plate dissipation, opening the doors to the hi-fi movement. This rugged tube also found a home in the '59 Fender Bassman and servo amplifiers used in B-52 bombers. In 1955, Tung-Sol raised the bar of high fidelity with the introduction of the 35W 6550, which could deliver 100 watts with a pair in push-pull configuration. It was used in the iconic Dynaco Mark III and Sunn amplifers.

For modern times, Tung-Sol hand-crafts the KT120, which has a plate dissipation of 60 watts, making it the most powerful tube in the 6550/KT88/KT90 family. A pair of these tubes in push-pull configuration can deliver power levels upwards of 150 watts. When used at the parameters found in existing 6550/KT88/KT90 circuits, Tung-Sol KT120 is impervious to overload, delivering peak power with extreme reliability and long tube life. Taking advantage of the higher current handling capacity of these tubes can create a very unique, powerful, and stable amp. Comes with CryoAcoustic Treatment by Music Direct.

Music Direct CryoAcoustic Tube Treatment
Tubes have long been renowned for providing unparalleled audio experiences. But did you know you'll hear even better sound and enjoy longer tube life with our cryogenically treated tubes? The improvement is so profound, Music Direct no longer offers any tubes that are not cryogenically treated. We have invested in our own cryogenic machine, allowing us to do our own in-house testing with temperatures and ramp up/ramp down cycles to maximize the effects on the materials. Countless hours of listening tests have confirmed the advantages of CryoAcoustic Treatment.

The cryogenic process involves cooling materials to very low temperatures through the use of liquid nitrogen. Temperatures reach as low as -190 °C, and the process registers a profound impact on the mechanical properties of materials – particularly metals. Used in aerospace technology, medical tooling, musical instrument construction, critical automotive components, high-pressure cutting tools, and performance-critical sporting goods, cryogenics considerably improve the sonic presentation of vacuum tubes, cables, transformers, and other audio-related products – as well as their internal components. Resistance to corrosion, firmer hardening, and added strength are just a few of the scientifically proven effects of cryogenics. And while the sonic benefits cannot currently be scientifically proven, listening tests confirm an increase in acoustic resolution – which is why we call our process CryoAcoustic Treatment.

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