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Enjoy a Wider Range of Signals, Pristine Clarity, and 40 Presets: Visually Breathtaking McIntosh MR87 AM/FM Tuner Brings Wealth of Radio Programming to Your Fingertips, Features Advanced DSP

Expand your free-music listening options, receive a wider range of radio signals, and enjoy amazing clarity from AM and FM stations with the McIntosh MR87 AM/FM tuner. Equipped with proprietary RF circuitry for CD-caliber sound quality, immense separation, and FM stellar reception, MR87 also enhances your AM listening via an RAA2 external antenna with a 20-foot-long cable for superb clarity. An advanced signal-quality monitor that displays the multiparty and noise levels of the incoming RF signal assists in fine-tuning the antenna placement. Featuring fully regulated power supplies and a custom-wound R-core power transformer for quiet operation, MR87 includes balanced and single-ended analog outputs as well as three digital outputs for unprecedented flexibility. An intuitive remote control with external sensor input, total of 40 presets (20 per band), inverted triple-polished stainless-steel chassis, and RS232 control for whole-house audio operation further place the U.S.A.-built MR87 into a league of its own. 

So do the advanced tuning options and breathtaking display – the latter a striking marriage of 1960s-inspired classicism and sleek modernism. Enhanced DSP tuning minimizes noise and lends to breathtaking transparency. A two-line multi-function fluorescent readout indicates setup functions as well as artist names, station call signs, genres, and song titles via built-in RDS support on the FM tuner. Providing a timeless visual complement, McIntosh's Smooth-Acting Weighted Tuning mechanism with illuminated analog dial are fun to use and look out-of-this-world cool. Ditto the fiber-optic solid-state front-panel illumination and McIntosh's hallmark black-glass front panel and brushed aluminum end caps. In terms of function and appearance, MR87 makes having a tuner an essential part of your setup and able to pair with an array of preamplifiers, pre/pros, and more. 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

An Unparalleled Heritage of Prestigious Craftsmanship 

McIntosh has been handmaking world-class audio equipment for seven decades. Each component is produced in the same upstate New York factory the company has called home for 60 years. Recognized and revered around the globe, McIntosh continues to set new standards for high-end performance, unstinting reliability, and product longevity. Its storied tradition of ingenuity, craftsmanship, pride, and service is shared by only the most iconic American brands. In an era where manufacturing shortcuts and outsourcing are the norm, McIntosh takes a no-compromise approach defined by hands-on workmanship, singular expertise, and an unabated passion for being the best in its field. These rarified characteristics set McIntosh apart. While most audio companies emulate the competition, McIntosh leads by living up to – and exceeding – its own benchmarks. That's the mark of a legend.

Handmade for Everyone That Appreciates the Superiority of Hands-On Artistry 
McIntosh's handcrafted ethic predates by more than half a century the handcrafted movement currently re-defining the beer, food, furniture, jewelry, and soap industries. From patrons of farm-to-table restaurants to fans of limited-batch beer, people increasingly realize the importance and superiority of handcrafted goods in their everyday life. Whether it's the exacting detail afforded the PC boards, the meticulous attention paid to the hand-wound transformer coils, or the innovation behind patented Power Guard circuitry, McIntosh shares in the same belief. Rather than cut corners or adhere to mass-produced construction, McIntosh only puts its name on components that deliver paragon experiences by way of their unassailable artistry and precision-minded quality. While McIntosh products don't come cheap, they stand out – and stand the test of time – in a world flooded by homogeneity and inferiority.

Aspire to Own an American Icon

McIntosh amplifiers broadcast President Lyndon Johnson's inauguration speech and powered the original Woodstock festival. Nearly 29,000 watts of McIntosh power fueled the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound, regarded by many as the finest-sounding concert system ever devised. McIntosh has assisted in the recording of some of history's most celebrated albums, including the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. David Bowie collaborator/noted producer Tony Visconti and Dead guitarist/singer Bob Weir are among the countless McIntosh devotees. Thousands of older McIntosh components remain active in systems, having been built to last a lifetime. The history is clear: With McIntosh, you're not only considering today but planning for endless tomorrows. McIntosh is legacy audio you bequeath to future generations. The reason wish lists exists, McIntosh is the dream you aspire to own and, once you do, you cherish forever.

Tuning Range: 87.9MHz - 107.9MHz (USA)
Channel Spacing: 50kHz, 100kHz or 200kHz
Antenna Input: 75 ohms, Type “F” Coax connector
Useable Sensitivity: 2.2uV (18.1dBf)
50dB Quieting Sensitivity: 1.5uV (14.8dBf)
Signal To Noise Ratio: Mono: 70dB
Stereo: 68dB
Frequency Response: ±1dB 20Hz to 15,000Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: Mono: 0.4%
Stereo: 0.8%
Channel Selectivity: 60dB Adjacent Channel
66dB Alternate Channel
Stereo Separation: 38dB

Tuning Range: 530kHz - 1710kHz (USA)
Channel Spacing: 10kHz
Antenna Input: Balanced, RJ45 connector (for use only with supplied McIntosh RAA2 Remote AM Antenna)
Sensitivity: 350uV/m
Signal To Noise Ratio: 50dB
Frequency Response: 0dB, -6dB 50Hz to 3,000Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%
Selectivity: 45dB Adjacent Channel
Digital Audio Specifications
Digital Coaxial Output: 0.5V p-p/75 ohm
Digital Optical Output: -15dbm to -21dbm
Sampling Frequency: 48kHz

Outputs Unbalanced: 1 Stereo
Outputs Balanced: 1 Stereo
Digital Coaxial Output: 1
Digital Optical Output: 1
AM Antenna Input: 1
FM Antenna Input: 1
Bands: AM/FM
Rated Output:
   1Vms Unbalanced
   2Vms Balanced
Output Impedance: 100 ohms Unbalanced or Balanced
Standby Power Requirement: <0.5 watt
Dimensions (WHD): 17.5" x 6" x 18"
Weight: 25.5 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 7.2 MB)

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