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Fanfare FT-1A - An All-American Classic

The FT-1A is an audiophile’s indispensable partner when it comes to an ultra-sensitive, ultra-quiet FM tuner that presents broadcast material with a clarity that’s awfully close to the real thing. It’s also the only tuner with broadcast-quality inputs and outputs for true broadcast monitoring. Match it up with the Fanfare FM-2G or FM-2GC antenna and you have state of the art FM performance with unparalleled sound quality! 

In terms of performance, the FT-1A is the ultimate combination of high sensitivity, selectivity and CD-like audio clarity and accuracy. Able to lift fragile signals from the mire of today's FM congestion, those FM audiophiles who choose the FT-1A will delight in discovering the increased selection of FM stations they are able to receive. This coupled with the FT-1A's excellent selectivity, and with both sensitivity and selectivity balanced to provide the most accurate audio possible, it’s a foregone conclusion that your regular music sources will now include that of FM radio.

The FT-1A is destined to join its predecessor, the FT-1 as one of the greatest achievers in analog tuner design today. As one of the quietest and most sensitive analog tuners in the world, the FT-1A can now lay claim to being the most up-to-date.

While other, less sophisticated analog tuner designs require you to manually manipulate their functions, all of the FT-1A's functions are automatic, or push-button selectable from either the front panel or from the remote control. What's more, tuning is always perfectly accurate from startup, eliminating the necessity for warm-up time, a not-uncommon trait of most analog designs.

Tuning is accomplished in the FT-1A by two methods. You can either tune up or down quickly with the 'tune' button, or you can scan up or down for 'listenable' stations using the 'scan' buttons. Presets are programmed from the tuner's front panel, or from the remote controller, by simply tuning to the desired station, setting the receive and IF band modes, and pressing the desired preset until the SET light flashes.

The FT-1A's analog tuning accuracy is established and maintained by a very precise, phase locked loop (PLL) system .... an integral part of the FT-1A's UNISET system whose upgradeable firmware nerve center provides operational control of the tuner's functions. We feel this system is functionally superior to systems requiring use of a meter. Why, because meters, while they are aesthetically pleasing, always have a margin of error which could easily translate into reduced stereo separation. Therefore, listeners must be totally reliant on their ears for best stereo separation. In contrast, the FT-1A tunes dead-on station every time, and stays on station, providing maximum stereo separation all the time.

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