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Equipment > Tuners > Magnum Dynalab - MD-205 Signal Sleuth FM Antenna Amplifier (17")
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MAGNUM DYNALAB - MD-205 Signal Sleuth FM Antenna Amplifier (17")


Magnum Dynalab - MD-205 Signal Sleuth FM Antenna Amplifier (17") AMAGMD205

MAGNUM DYNALAB - MD-205 Signal Sleuth FM Antenna Amplifier (17")


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Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth Brings in Distant Stations with Amazing Clarity

The Signal Sleuth brings a whole new world of FM-stereo enjoyment. Whether it be Bach, rock, or current affairs, the Sleuth expands your FM world, bringing in more FM stations with superior clarity. Experience greater depth and realism from stations with 'fine arts' quality programs. Put simply, the Signal Sleuth amplifies weak FM signals cleanly; attenuates strong, harsh signals without coloration; stabilizes FM antenna (and FM cable) signals;  separates interfering adjacent-station signals and reduces multipath problems. Establishing a clearer, crisper sound, one of the most important attributes of the Sleuth is its ability to establish and maintain a useable FM program signal level. In most cases, this will eliminate the annoying 'flip-flop' stereo-to-mono-to-stereo switching usually experienced with many FM tuners having non-variable, automatic 'blend' circuits. The Sleuth FM signal amplifier has already awakened many FM enthusiasts to the sweetness and depth of a more robust FM signal.

Those with digital tuners may benefit from the additional amplification Signal Sleuth provides, however, most digital tuners feature a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuit. The PLL locks the tuner onto the specified FM band and the tuner will not deviate from the selected signal in the way an analog tuner may. This means that some features of the Signal Sleuth may not be usable on a digital tuner.

Circuit: 3 varactor-tuned RF stages 

Gain: ±30dB (Variable)
Tuning Range: 88-110 MHz
Bandwidth: Better than 400 KHz
Noise: <4dB
Distortion: 0%
Antenna Input: 75 Ohms
Power Required: 110VAC @ 60Hz
Dimensions (WHD): 17" x 1.75" x 6"
Weight: 6 lbs.

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