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AVID - Diva II SP Turntable


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New Heights of Performance

Continuing to share the same design philosophy and key elements of AVID's more expensive designs, Diva II SP bridges the gap between the Diva II and Volvere. Retaining the same ultra rigid, one-piece aluminum cast chassis, the platter is replaced with machined aluminum and employs an improved main bearing taken from the Volvere and Sequel models. Additionally, the Diva II SP incorporates the new twin belt drive system and DSP Vari-SPeed power supply. Owners of the standard Diva II can upgrade their product to this new version, call us for details!

"This $6000 combination was ridiculously good in every aspect of vinyl play. It produced an impressively quiet background out of which sprang rock-solid three-dimensional images. The Avid's bass performance was rhythmically nimble, "tuneful," and harmonically expressive. The bottom octaves were taut and impressively well controlled, yet supple and texturally revealing. The Diva II SP is an incredible value for such a well-designed, well built, superb sounding analogue rig. Combined with the precise-sounding, easy-to-set-up SME 309 tonearm, I'm not sure what's better, or even as good, for $6000!"
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

DSP Vari-SPeed Power Supply
Against the growing trend of easy-option DC motor-driven turntables, AVID retains the use of synchronous motors and has developed a new power supply to finely control the final speed of the platter. By utilizing the latest DSP technology to control frequency generation, and using the synchronous motors' unique speed locking abilities, speed can be adjusted precisely. Motor noise, vibration, and control is improved, with the twin belt drive controlling platter dynamics and stability, producing a smooth albeit dynamic sound quality as well as improved bass and treble definition.

While the AVID Diva II has set the bar undoubtedly high, the Diva II SP edition reveals a genuine insight into the original recorded performance; elevating the standards of high-end audio. As you can immediately hear, this is no mere cosmetic makeover. Control and precision in reproduction are of the very highest caliber; a benefit derived directly from the engineering effort applied to each and every turntable. A machined aluminum platter is the first and most obvious step-up; the vibration absorbing properties working symbiotically with the chassis. Combined with AVID's unique, low-density, self-lubricating bearing system, torsional vibration is all but eliminated.

Precision control of turntable speed is achieved with AVID's new Digital Signal processing engine. Variations in the mains supplies are ironed out to create a pure and abundant supply of power to the motor. This can be precisely and easily calibrated to achieve perfect platter speeds.

Motor noise, vibration and control are all improved with the twin-belt drive controlling platter dynamics and stability under load. The result? Smooth, yet dynamic sound quality, improved bass and treble definition. Authority and delicacy in a single stroke. Our highest recommendation!

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