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CLEARAUDIO - Concept Black Turntable (No Cartridge/Concept Tonearm)


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Sleek Looks, Involving Sound, Electronic Speed Control: A Stereophile Recommended Component, Clearaudio Concept Black Turntable Delivers Stellar Imaging, Stability, and Dynamics

Composure, pace, poise: The multi-award-winning Clearaudio Concept Black turntable with Concept tonearm brings exceptional refinement, richness, and smoothness to musical presentations. Now available in an ultra-sleek Black edition, the German-made ‘table also warrants mention for its vibration-defeating chassis, external power supply, friction-free tonearm, and 1.18-inch-thick platter—a combination responsible for optimum imaging and stability. An electronic speed control even gives Concept Black the ability to spin 33, 45, and 78RPM speeds. Now, no record is off -limits! Simply add the phono cartridge of your choice, and you'll be off and running with audiophile-quality analog playback.

“In its deceptive simplicity, it performs with an honesty and musical truth that embody the very nature of this hobby at its best.”
—Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, July/August 2018

"Dynamic potency is never in doubt, and the Concept’s timing is crisp enough to grant momentum and drive to the trickiest of recordings without losing composure or focus."
– What Hi-Fi?, five-star review

Concept Black's chassis is optimized for superior resistance to vibration and features a rounded high-mass plinth with a stainless steel surrounding it. The 1.2" Delrin platter is precision milled to provide a stable platform for your records and assists in maintaining accurate speed control. This belt-drive system uses a decoupled DC motor which helps keep noise away from the platter and stylus.

"...Clearaudio's plug'n'play Concept turntable-tonearm-cartridge combo is exceptionally attractive, easy to set up and use, and seems better built than its price would suggest. It's a quiet, smooth performer that excels at midrange smoothness and transparency of the sort that makes speakers seem to vanish—even my $65,000/pair speakers."
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

"The Concept has a very neutral overall sound, with a weight and openness that I’ve yet to experience at this price point. It’s rare that a table at this price point has enough low-level detail to really define the hall characteristics of the recording, but again the Concept passed with flying colors."
– Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio

“This stripped-down-looking table puts out the cleanest, most resonance-free audio you can detect, unless you have the super­human ear of a producer. Expect fine detail and pounding bass.”
– Men’s Health, Best Turntable for Audiophiles 

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