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MOBILE FIDELITY - UltraDeck+M Turntable with MasterTracker Phono Cartridge


Mobile Fidelity - UltraDeck+M Turntable with MasterTracker Phono Cartridge AMFETTUDMT

MOBILE FIDELITY - UltraDeck+M Turntable with MasterTracker Phono Cartridge


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Entertain Your Desire for Breathtaking Analog: U.S.A.-Made Mobile Fidelity UltraDeck+ Turntable with Pre-Mounted MasterTracker Cartridge Makes You a Part of the Recorded Event

Take a break from the ordinary and embrace breathtaking extremes with the Mobile Fidelity UltraDeck+ turntable with pre-mounted MasterTracker MM cartridge. This high-value analog package will instantly reward you with rich, natural playback that stokes your passions and makes you a part of the recorded event. Within minutes of spinning LPs with this special setup, you will understand why countless music lovers obsess over audio. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Dovetailing with the purist-minded philosophy long espoused by the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's Sebastopol, California studio, the 2019-2020 EISA Best Turntable Award-winningStereophile Analog Product of the Year Award-winning and The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award-winning UltraDeck+ is devoted to exceptionally quiet, true-to-the-source playback of vinyl LPs without adding any of its own colorations. But it goes even further by taking critical measures to ensure unwanted noises and ruinous vibrations remain kept from the critical stylus/record interface. Proudly made in the USA at Mobile Fidelity's in-house factory in Michigan, and designed in collaboration between Mobile Fidelity engineers and turntable expert/Spiral Groove founder Allen Perkins, the study 25-pound UltraDeck+ is a world-class component eminently qualified to reproduce the famous accuracy of Original Master Recordings – as well as faithfully recreate the music on any other LP you play.

Deemed an "instant classic" by The Absolute Sound, UltraDeck+ immediately stands out via its super-sturdy, unshakable physicality that includes a 1.3-inch Delrin platter – 75 percent thicker than that on Mobile Fidelity's StudioDeck model – that delivers deep-black backgrounds and a fantastically low noise floor. Delrin is chosen due to its natural impedance match with vinyl. Speaking of being made for LPs: UltraDeck+'s 300RPM isolated AC synchronous motor offers excellent speed stability for stellar pitch accuracy and rhythmic drive. Better still, UltraDeck+'s constrained layer dampening build – comprised of three aluminum plates bonded to the MDF body – adds extra mass, eliminates coloration, and contributes to increased stability. It's just another way UltraDeck+ takes its purpose to the extreme.

Mobile Fidelity's engineering prowess extends to the custom-developed Ultra tonearm, a 10-inch straight aluminum gimbaled bearing design whose rigidity and tracking prowess translate into hyper-accurate information retrieval. Ultra tonearm also uses Cardas Audio wiring to maintain signal purity from the head shell leads all the way through the RCA connectors. Adjustable tracking force, VTA, azimuth, and anti-skate grant you limitless options for tweaks and adjustments. A hardened-steel inverted bearing system complete with sapphire materials provides UltraDeck+ wonderfully smooth, rotational stability while anti-vibration feet – co-developed with the engineering team at Harmonic Resolution Systems, the world leader in vibration isolation – further shield UltraDeck+ from disruptive resonances. Again, everything circles back to preserving the genuine sound locked in the grooves of your LPs. It's why Mobile Fidelity even outfits UltraDeck+ with high-quality gold-plated connectors shielded by a copper foil box to prevent airborne RF noise and, as a bonus, includes a removable, hinged dust cover to guard against debris when the 'table isn't spinning records.

As for the included high-output MM cartridge? It's equally profound. The key to the otherworldly analog performance achieved by MasterTracker is reflected by its very name: Master, in reference to master tape and Mobile Fidelity Original Master Recordings. Indeed, MasterTracker is configured to mirror the layout the cutting head in Mobile Fidelity's Sebastopol, California, studio that cuts the grooves on Mobile Fidelity LPs. MasterTracker means you can now track the grooves of any LP with master-quality exactness. Also developed in collaboration with Mr. Perkins, MasterTracker features a "V-twin" dual-magnet generator comprised of two powerful magnets aligned in a formation parallel with the grooves cut into a vinyl LP. Its form-follows-function physical configuration means it is literally made to live in records' grooves, giving it innate advantages and stunning channel separation few other cartridges possess. And MasterTracker's internal construction and expert voicing grant it exceptional sonic prowess that separate it in its field.

Fine-tuned by Mr. Perkins and Mobile Fidelity, and hand-built in Japan with cartridge housing milled from solid aluminum billet in the USA, MasterTracker traces LP groove walls with surgical precision and stopwatch accuracy, giving you a purist-based picture of what was originally cut in the mastering studio. Equipped with pure Ohno continuous-cast copper coils and a trademarked Micro Linear diamond stylus – shaped just like a lathe's cutting head – this rarified instrument mines the seemingly limitless amounts of information embedded in vinyl's microscopic nooks and crannies, presenting music with grand-scale cinematic scope and three-dimensional detail. Afforded the lightest-weight magnets of any cartridge in Mobile Fidelity's Tracker Series, MasterTracker plays with degrees of openness, clarity, and dynamics normally attributed to moving-coil cartridges. And its well-damped billet aluminum body yields payoffs you'll immediately hear: Unshakable reproduction of supremely complex passages and taut, edge-free bass.

To further ensure MasterTracker stands alone in its class, countless hours were spent removing unwanted resonance and employing next-generator dampening materials to improve overall performance. Everything about MasterTracker serves the sound – and your music. Conceived in the same studio that produces Mobile Fidelity's world-famous Original Master Recordings, MasterTracker accomplishes what any flagship cartridge bearing the Mobile Fidelity name should: Faithful reproduction of the original master sound.

When it comes to enjoying and connecting with your music, you shouldn't settle. UltraDeck+ with MasterTracker means you no longer have to do so. This is high-end analog as it's always been meant to be experienced.

“It comes complete with a pre-fitted high-quality MoFi MasterTracker moving-magnet cartridge, meaning you can have it up and running in minutes, and is superbly engineered throughout for precision and quality, drawing on the expertise of some leading names in vinyl replay. That means it delivers rock-solid pitch stability, while that metal-bodied cartridge really gets ‘under the skin’ of the music you choose to play, emphasizing the value and engineering on offer here.”
– 2019-2020 EISA Award, Best Turntable 

"...The MoFi Electronics UltraDeck+ and StudioPhono system does its makers proud. It's bound to please a broad range of music lovers, who may or may not (yet) consider themselves audiophiles. Bottom line: The UltraDeck is a smartly conceived and finely honed design that's already earning its place as an instant classic."
The Absolute Sound, cover story and Editors' Choice Award

"In terms of midband clarity, the UltraDeck+M scores a full house once again. Instruments are beautifully rendered and positioned perfectly within a capacious yet well-ordered soundstage. Even better, vocals have an exceptional sense of air, space and, above all, realism."
– Adam Smith, Hi-Fi Choice, Editor's Choice and five-star review

"The MoFi UltraDeck is one of the most lucid-, engaging-, and natural-sounding record players available for under $5,000. Highly recommended!"
– Herb Reichert, Stereophile, February 2018

"This is as good as analog gets for $2,200."
TONEAudio, Exceptional Value Award

"[The MasterTracker is] the music-rendering equal of any high-output cartridge at any price."

Control That Extends from the Mastering Studio to the Factory to Your Home
Prestige doesn't come easy – or cheap. To meet all its specific needs and demands, Mobile Fidelity established a new, dedicated facility in Michigan to build the majority of its products in the USA. While an uncommon and expensive endeavor in today's audio industry, in-house manufacturing is the only way to maintain total quality control and create products that live up to the exacting standards Mobile Fidelity established over the past four decades with music releases. The approach cuts both ways, giving you the security and confidence that the Mobile Fidelity product(s) you own is built to – and built to perform at – the highest specifications.

Mobile Fidelity: Decades of Bringing Master-Tape Quality to Your Listening Experience
Mobile Fidelity has been the undisputed leader in audiophile recordings since its development of Original Master Recording vinyl reissues in 1977. At Mobile Fidelity's Sebastopol, California, mastering studio, all Original Master Recordings are cut using only the original master tapes as source material. The company's faithfully reproduced albums bring you – the listener – closer to the absolute truth and emotion of the original performances of the finest records made by the likes of Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, The Band, Grateful Dead, Santana, Bill Evans, Nirvana, and many other Hall of Fame artists. Experienced on vinyl LP, SACD, or 24k gold CD, Mobile Fidelity software brings you nearer to what is heard in the studio. Drawing on four decades of engineering and studio experience, we have taken the next logical step: Applying our expertise, talent, passion to audio components. Every Mobile Fidelity product is made to meet the strict standards long synonymous with Mobile Fidelity's music reissues.

Motor: 300 RPM AC Synchronous
Speeds: 33 1/3 RPM, 45.0 RPM
Platter: 6.8 lb. Delrin
Wow & Flutter: 0.017% - 0.025%
Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 74dB
Tonearm Type: 10" straight aluminum, gimbaled bearing
Tonearm Overhang: 0.71" (18mm)
Tonearm Offset Angle: 22.8° (+/- 2° adjustable)
Tonearm Effective Mass: 35g (+/- 0.5g)
Cartridge Weight Range: 5-10g
Power Supply Requirements: 120V 60Hz, 220-230V 50Hz, 100V 50Hz
Power Consumption: < 5W
Dimensions: 19.69" x 6" x 14.25"
Weight: 23.1 lbs.

Type: Dual Magnet (MM) Stereo
Weight: 9.7g
Tracking Force: 1.8-2.2g
Impedance: 47kOhm
Capacitance: 100pF
Frequency Response: 20-25,000Hz
Stylus: Micro-Line
Output Voltage: 3mV

UltraDeck User Manual (PDF, 355 KB)

MasterTracker User Manual (PDF, 219 KB)

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