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PRO-JECT - RPM 1 Carbon Turntable & Phono Box Bundle


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The Pro-Ject RPM-1 Carbon is a great entry-level turntable with a super-cool plinth-less design which includes a pre-mounted Sumiko Pearl as the perfect cartridge match! Chock full of innovation and enhancements, the RPM 1 Carbon is a surprisingly high-tech offering, especially considering its price. Innovation abounds in every aspect of the RPM 1 Carbon, from the revised plinth and upgraded feet to the incredible multi-material tonearm. Even the counterweight has been improved. We really like the RPM 1 Carbon and we think that in this combo it is practically irresistible, try one in your home for 60 days, we think you'll agree. Backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The most visible enhancement on the RPM 1 is definitely the S-shaped carbon-skinned tonearm. We think this arm is the coolest part of this table and a large factor in why the RPM 1 offers such high-end performance at such an affordable price. Made using a complex 3-step process of heat treatment and almost 1500 psi of pressure, the composite skin is bonded carbon fiber and resin onto an aluminum arm tube. This greatly strengthens the tonearm, maximizes internal damping and greatly reduces resonance all without a significant weight penalty. The high level of precision and excellent damping also makes this new tonearm compatible with a broad array of MM and MC cartridges.

The RPM 1 sports a low-resonance chassis which keeps noise at bay for deep, black backgrounds. A newly-designed inverted bearing keeps noise out of the chassis and features an ultra-hard ceramic ball for vanishingly low rotational noise. A super-quiet DC power supply smoothly feeds the outboard 15V motor for superior speed stability. Additional features on the RPM-1 Carbon are an ingenious magnetic anti-skating mechanism which reduces the drag and fiddly nature of more conventional spring-loaded and suspended-weight designs. The counterweight is TPE-damped which reduces resonances along the arm, resulting in greater tracking ability and sharper focus. These impressive improvements make the RPM-1 Carbon a tremendous value with an ultra-stylish look.

In the USA, the RPM-1 Carbon is supplied with a pre-mounted Sumiko Pearl MM cartridge.

The Pro-Ject Phono Box is one of our best selling phono preamps. Offering excellent value for the money, the Phono Box delivers the sonic goods in a small unassuming package. Designed to provide maximum performance in the smallest possible package, the Phono Box delivers solid bass, satisfying midrange and sweet extended treble. The Phono Box offers both MM (40dB) and MC (60dB) capabilities although in this package MM is the correct setting. Low noise, lose distortion and a flat RIAA equalization curve with 60dB of gain (MC), 40 dB gain (MM) deliver high fidelity performance for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. The Phono Box is capable of a maximum output of 9.5V RMS / 1 khz.

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