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REGA - RP78 Turntable (No Cartridge) **SCRATCH & DENT**


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The Rega RP78 is essentially a Rega P2 turntable with a 78RPM motor, it even has a fabulous Rega RB251 tonearm! Why should you get a dedicated 78RPM turntable? If you're looking at this item, you probably have a few 78RPM records you're itching to play. As you've probably found, many turntables that feature 78RPM playback are either very cheap or very expensive. The Rega RP78 stands alone as a quality 78RPM playback device. Even if your current turntable will play 78s, purchasing a stand alone 78RPM turntable makes a lot of sense. Because 78RPM records need to spin 240% faster than a 33RPM record, the wear and tear on a standard cartridge can be enormously higher. 78RPM cartridges are designed for the rigors necessary to play 78RPM records. Mount a dedicated 78RPM cartridge on the Rega P78 and you can listen to 78RPM records any time without shortening the life of your main rig's cartridge. So, what 78RPM cartridge should you choose? Rega, of course, recommends their own Rega 78 cartridge. However, we also carry offerings from other manufacturers.

NOTE: This turntable ships without a cartridge.

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