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TEAC - TN-550 Turntable **SCRATCH & DENT**


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Incredible Precision, High-End Analog Sound, Stupendous Quality: TEAC TN-550 Turntable Features PRS3 Automatic Speed Rotation Adjustment System, S-Shaped Tonearm, audio-technica Cartridge

The high-performance, cogging-free TEAC TN-550 belt-drive turntable comes with two distinctive features you won't find elsewhere. Designed by TEAC, a Platter Rotation Speed Servo System (PRS3) acts an automatic rotation adjustment system and ensures precision-based speed. Any speed changes are immediately detected by a contactless optical sensor at the spindle base and corrected after an on-board microcomputer makes the necessary calculations. Equally innovative, TN-550's universal headshell and static-balanced, height-adjustable S-shaped tonearm utilizes PC-Triple C conductor cables in their cabling. Also known as Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction, this Japan-made high-conductivity enhancement enhances signal flow by eliminating obstructions. The result: Smoother, more detailed musical reproduction from your vinyl. These features not only serve the sound of your LPs but give TN-550 the sought-after accuracy touted by many direct-drive ‘tables. Plus, TN-550 offers much more.

Equipped with a clear 16mm-thick acrylic platter, high-precision spindle with anti-static carbon-coated base, large torque motor with floating structure, and dual-layer MDF chassis, TN-550 operates with extreme quiet and functions to suppress unwanted resonance. The marble compound not only looks stellar but serves to give the ‘table a solid weight while simultaneously allowing it to keep a slim, stylish form. A honeycomb-shaped bottom case prevents further vibrations, as do height-adjustable machined-aluminum feet. Want simplicity? An electrical-controlled speed selector lets you choose between 33.3 and 45RPM speeds without having to change the pulley. An anti-skate mechanism, audio-technica MM cartridge, machined aluminum EP adapter, and detachable dust cover complete this stellar 'table. Music Direct's Money-Back Guarantee does the rest.

Type: Belt Drive
Motor: DC Motor
SPeed: 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm
Servo System: PRS3 (Platter Rotation Speed Servo System)
Rotation Detection Precision: less than +/–0.05% (at 33-1/3 rpm)
Wow and Flutters: 0.1%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: more than 67dB (A-weighted, 20kHz LPF)
Platter Material: Acrylic
Platter Size: Full-size (300mm diameter, 16mm thickness)
Platter Weight: 3.1 lbs.

Type: Static Balanced S-shape Tone-arm (Height Adjustable)
Effective Arm Lenght: 223mm
Over-hang: 18mm
Tracking Error: less than 3 degrees
Stylus Pressure Range: 0 to 5g
Supported Cartridge Weight: 15 to 23g(incl. Headshell)
Height Adjust Range: approx. 6mm
Anti-skating Adjustent: Supported

Type: MM-type (equivalent to audio-technica AT100E)
Output Voltage: 4.5mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec.)
Stylus Pressure: 1.4g +/–0.4g
Cartridge Weight: 6.5g +/-0.2g
Headshell Weight: 10g (incl. Screw, Nuts and Wires)

Output Voltage: 4.5mV (+/-3dB)
Operation Power: AC 100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 1.5W (0.5W at Standby)
Dimensions (WHD): 16.9" x 5.2" x 14.0"
Weight: 19.9 lbs.
Accessories: AC Adapter (GPE053A-120050-Z), EP Adapter, Counter Weight, Head-shell, Cartridge (except. Canada model), Acrylic Platter, Dust Cover, Hinges x 2, Pulley Cover, Flat Belt, Washers x 4, Hex Wrench, RCA Audio Cable with GND terminals, Owner's Manual (incl. Warranty card)

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