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Equipment > Turntables > VPI - Prime Scout Turntable with JMW 3D Tonearm Armwand (9")
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VPI - Prime Scout Turntable with JMW 3D Tonearm Armwand (9")


VPI - Prime Scout Turntable with JMW 3D Tonearm Armwand (9") AVPITTPRMSCT3D9

VPI - Prime Scout Turntable with JMW 3D Tonearm Armwand (9")


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VPI Prime Scout Turntable Features Gorgeous Looks, JMW 3D-Printed Tonearm, and 300RPM Motor for Ravishing Audiophile Performance: Immersive, Fast, Detailed Sound Personifies High-End Analog

The VPI Prime Scout turntable has gone 3D in the form of a state-of-the-art JMW 3D-printed tonearm that further raises the profile and sound of one of the most acclaimed components on the planet. Redesigned with a sleeker look, the reintroduction of the multiple-time Absolute Sound Editors' Choice and Golden Ear Award winner – and most inexpensive turntable on Stereophile's Class B Recommended component list as well as a Stereophile Product of the Year – ups the ante in high-end analog performance for a price that belies its ballyhooed reputation. You could spend more, you could spend less, but at this threshold, you simply will not do better. Particularly since it comes with a nine-inch version of VPI's award-winning 3D-printed JMW tonearm, a creation that brings incredible dynamics, tones, and textures to the fore by way of extreme rigidity, virtually no resonance, and supreme tracking ability. An aluminum platter, PEEK thrust-equipped bearing, and a 300RPM synchronous motor in separate housing are all standard on a world-beating device that's anything but and which you'll have up in running in minutes. A Scout Delrin record clamp and Scout Delrin feet also come standard, and further enhance both stability and accuracy.

Prime Scout plays vinyl with immersive detail, musical naturalism, and grand-scale dynamics, it is smooth, quiet and efficient. Eminently upgradable via a VPI Prime platter, VTA On the Fly Base, Periphery Ring Clamp, Stainless-Steel Center Weight, and/or ADS Analog Drive System, all of which are available from Music Direct, we will happily set everything up for you. This is an audiophile 'table through and through. One which possesses an ease of use making it accessible to any music lover on the planet. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"Time and again, the VPI found those elements that distinguish a transcendent recorded performance from the run of the mill, and put them across to great effect."
– Art Dudley, Stereophile, October 2017

"It was immediately obvious that here was a turntable whose primary characteristic was unobtrusiveness. The Prime Scout wasn't getting in the way; it didn't give undue emphasis to any part of the frequency envelope, nor was it putting any obvious constraints on dynamics, rhythmic integrity or timing."

Stalwart U.S.-Made Build-Quality and Parts
For stability and damping, Prime Scout's chassis is made from 1.25"-thick MDF bonded to a 12-gauge steel plate. The massive platter is machined 1 3/8"-thick 6061 aluminum with stainless-steel damping mounted to an oil bath bearing by a number 2 Jacobs Taper. The bearing has a PEEK thrust disc and machined graphite impregnated brass bushings using a Thompson Engineering 60 Rockwell case hardened shaft. Prime Scout's 300RPM AC synchronous motor is contained in a separate steel housing and drives the platter with smooth, quiet operation.

3D-Printed Tonearm Results in Incredible Details and Dynamics
State-of-the-art 3D printing has produced the biggest advance in tonearm design anyone has ever heard in the form of the award-winning, incredibly natural-sounding VPI JMW Classic 3D armwand. This groundbreaking device simply gets out of the way and lets more music through. Made from one solid piece of perfectly non-resonant epoxy material (a high-temperature laser creates each layer, which measures .001 of an inch at a time), the tonearm touts an extremely rigid character that literally has no resonant structure. As a result, it brings dramatic microdetails to the surface and lets you hear more of everything you want to hear on your records. 

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