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Music Hall - MMF-2.2 Turntable


Music Hall - MMF-2.2 Turntable AMHTTMMF2

Music Hall - MMF-2.2 Turntable


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The High-Quality, Plug-and-Play Music Hall MMF-2.2 Turntable Makes Analog Simple, Produces Detailed Sound from Vinyl LPs, and Includes Preinstalled Cartridge

Hear for yourself why everyone is spinning vinyl again! The plug-and-play Music Hall MMF-2.2 turntable pushes the limits on just how much natural, all-analog sound can come from such an affordable turntable design. With its high-grade parts, stellar build quality, and ease of use, the MMF-2.2 is now on offer at a price that belies its audiophile performance. This award-winning 'table is equipped with a preinstalled Music Hall Magic 2 phono cartridge (built for Music Hall by Ortofon), for a remarkable presentation of both instruments and voices. MMF-2.2 also includes an upgraded alloy tonearm, an isolated asynchronous motor, an ultra-high-precision stainless-steel/bronze bearing, and a custom alloy platter. MMF-2.2 focuses on the details that impact the overall musicality of your records to produce a sound that's vivid, warm, spacious, and constantly engaging. All you need to do is drop a record on its platter, sit back, and enjoy. Boasting a gorgeous high-gloss finish, the Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award-winning MMF-2.2 also looks pretty great while doing its job!

"The level of musicality offered by the MMF-2.2 is going to surprise a lot of people. It sounds far better than most of the entry-level turntables of yesteryear and is a wonderful introduction into the world of vinyl. If you want to stick your toe into the analog pond without spending a lot of coin, the MMF-2.2 is a good place to start."
The Absolute Sound

The Music Hall allows for effortless playback of both 33RPM and 45RPM LPs, while custom vibration-damping feet provide added stability and support. A removable, hinged dustcover supplies extra protection when the 'table isn't in use. MMF-2.2 excels in its smooth, low-noise operation and flexibility – and specializes in making your analog experience an effortless, addictive, and pleasurable event. Simple to assemble, the Stereophile Recommended MMF-2.2 removes any complications and worries from the analog setup and will have you enjoying records in minutes. And its first-rate construction means that it will last long into the future. When you need an affordable, overachieving turntable that takes care of the hard stuff for you, the MMF-2.2 is ready to spin your records. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"Turntables are really simple machines. It doesn't cost a great deal to get a good one, and today's turntables give you more for your money...like the Music Hall MMF-2.2."
– The New York Times

  • Gorgeous high-gloss lacquer finish
  • Special vibration-damping feet
  • One-piece alloy tonearm for superb tracking ability
  • Low-noise fully manual belt drive design
  • High-precision stainless-steel and bronze bearing assembly
  • Bearing provides ultra quiet fluid operation
  • Separately isolated asynchronous motor
  • Two-speed (33/45RPM) pulley
  • Music Hall Magic 2 moving-magnet phono cartridge
  • User-replaceable elliptical stylus
  • Cartridge comes mounted and properly aligned
  • Alloy platter and felt mat
  • Excellent instruction manual
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • High-quality gold RCA connectors
  • Dust cover and 45RPM adapter included
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Power supply: 110V/60Hz
Power absorption: 2 VA
Speeds: 33 1/3 rpm, manual commutation to 45 rpm
Deviation from nominal speed: +/- 0.9%
Wow and flutter: +/- 0.15%
Rumble max: -70 dB
Tracking force: 10-30 mN
Effective length of tonearm: 9 inches
Overhang: 0.67 inches
Platter diameter: 11.81 inches
Platter weight: 4.5 lbs.
Dimensions (w x d x h): 16.5 x12.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight of the unit (incl. packing material): 17 lbs
User Manual (PDF, 202 KB)

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