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REGA - RP1 Turntable with Performance Pack


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Save $200 on the Rega RP1 Turntable With Performance Pack: Acclaimed 'Table, Pre-Installed Cartridge, Reference Drive Belt, and Mat Give You Plug-and-Play Ease, Detailed Sound, and More Fun

The recently redesigned, entry-level Rega RP1 turntable sounds better than many costlier designs and, now with a pre-installed Performance Pack, runs circles around the rest of the analog field at this amazingly discounted price point. This deal is like getting a free Performance Pack with an RP1. For starters, RP1includes a trifecta of sonic-optimizing components: Rega's acclaimed RB101 tonearm, an exceptionally inert phenolic resin platter, and a very quiet motor. The turntable also comes fully set up from the factory in England, so you will have RP1 spinning your favorite tunes in no time at all. Rega's Performance Pack takes it to another level. Comprised of a Reference Drive Belt that vastly improves speed stability and tonal accuracy, aRega Bias 2 MM cartridge renowned for its exceptional balance and detail, and a wool turntable mat that enhances coupling and damping, the Performance Pack is akin to adding a stage kit on a a stock motorcycle and reaping benefits that cover everything from operation to sound and functionality. RP1 even has a dustcover to protect it when it isn't playing. You simply can't do better for this cost. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"There's no easier turntable on earth to set up than the RP1. The combination of an improved platter and bearing are a big hit on the RP1. There was no mistake that the RP1 is a major step up. After extended listening sessions in three very different levels of systems, the RP1 definitely delivers a solid helping of analog magic. The fact is that the RP1 offers solid performance, excellent value and is a great place to start listening to vinyl!"
– Jeff Dorgay, Editor, TONEAudio

RB101 Tonearm and a Redesigned Platter for Enhanced Analog Sound
Rega's RB101 is a substantial redesign of Rega's least-expensive tonearm. Rega slipped in smooth, high-precision bearings and developed an all-new non-resonant headshell. This hand-assembled design offers great tracking, excellent tonal balance, and a low noise floor. The best part: Adjusting tracking force with the Bias 2 cartridge is as simple as sliding the counterweight as far down the stem as it will go. Created from phenolic resin and made specifically for RP1, the flywheel effect platter improves speed stability, lowers the resonant frequency, and helps eliminate vibration. Combined with the more powerful and quieter motor, RP1's performance exceeds all expectations.

"The Rega RP1 is well made, attractive, apparently durable, and demonstrably superior to any other self-standing audio source at this price. Best of all, the RP1 is easy to own and to use. It's not just that I can't imagine $445 buying more happiness; I can't imagine so modest an investment in money and effort buying more music!"
– Art Dudley, Stereophile

The Easiest Turntable You'll Ever Set Up
The only tools you will need for setup are your hands. RP1's cartridge is pre-mounted. Setting tracking force is a snap and doesn't even require any extra tools. RP1 is so easy to set up that it may take you more time to unpack the table than to get up and running. The instruction manual is fairly straightforward, however, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We've done thousands of turntable setups and we will be happy to walk you through every step of the way, answer your questions, and make sure you've got great sound.

"This is the best place to start for audiophile sound at a modest price."
Rolling Stone, 4 1/2 Star Review

Performance Pack Upgrade Packs a Punch: Reference Drive Belt, Bias 2 Cartridge, and Turntable Mat
The increased drive delivered by this belt vastly improves speed stability and tonal accuracy. The benefits of the Reference Drive Belt are especially noticeable during long musical notes and complex passages. Housed in Rega's lightweight high-rigidity cartridge body, Bias 2 is completely handmade at Rega's factory in England. This moving-magnet cartridge uses a high-quality elliptical stylus and parallel-wound coils usually found in more expensive cartridges. Bias 2 delivers substantial information retrieval, and boasts a lively tonal balance, rewarding dynamics, balanced performance, tight bass, and excellent stereo imaging. Taken directly from Rega's P7 turntable, the 100% wool turntable mat has stiffer fibers than synthetic materials to improve coupling between the phenolic resin platter and the record.

"For all perspective owners, the Rega RP1 Performance Pack is a no-brainer-but wait a while before buying it, if only so you can luxuriate in the fun of hearing such small things make such a big differences. Warmly recommended!"
- Art Dudley, Stereophile

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