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VPI - Classic Direct Drive Turntable



VPI - Classic Direct Drive Turntable


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VPI Classic Direct Drive Turntable

The Ultimate Analog Reference: Handmade in U.S.A., VPI Classic Direct Drive Turntable is the Zenith of Musical Realism

Outfitted With Groundbreaking 21st Century Engineering: VPI Classic Direct Drive Sets New Standards for Speed Control, Hyper-Accurate Playback, and Resonance-Free Operation

The best analog performance we’ve ever heard comes courtesy of the VPI Classic Direct Drive turntable. Painstakingly handmade in the U.S., this technical marvel features the lowest-noise drive and bearing design architecture possible. The Product of the Year Award-winning Classic Direct Drive makes absolutely no mechanical contact in the horizontal plane. An active feedback loop directly measures and controls the platter speed, ensuring scrupulously consistent and accurate playback. Wow, flutter, and pitch shift don’t enter the equation. Combined with the VPI 3D Printed 12-inch tonearm, Classic Direct Drive is the zenith of musical realism

“Record after record reveals the same thing: The VPI Classic Direct is one of the world's finest turntables. If there is a flaw in its presentation, I am not able to expose it, no matter what kind of music is played.”
—Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio, Overall Product of the Year Award, December 2013

A Technical Breakthrough and Musical Marvel Unlike Anything Else in the World
While reference-class components are often compared to reel-to-reel tape, such analogies frequently remain wishful thinking. That isn't the case with VPI Classic Direct Drive. Taking advantage of some of the most advanced, innovative 21st century engineering available and implementing it with meticulous precision, this 'table possesses drive, stability, control, and balance properties that put it in a class of its own. Magnificent detail, deep and taut bass, utterly clear transparency, phenomenal dynamics, and indescribable emotional response are just a few of the long out-of-reach benefits Classic Direct Drive provides when encountering the grooves of a record. This 'table is both a technical and musical wonder. If you've been craving the last word in analog superiority, VPI has finally put an end to your longing.

"…The VPI combo of the Classic Direct Drive turntable and 12" tonearm consistently produced mesmerizing sound that combined the rock-solid musical drive craved by fans of idler-wheel drive with the quiet and nonmechanical tonal richness demanded by devotees of belt drive. Add to that exceptional transparency and retrieval of low-level detail; taut, deep, powerful bass; and a total lack of oblivious colorations, and you have $30,000 worth of sound. And then some."

—Michael Fremer, Stereophile, May 2014

Dead-Silent and Perfect-Pitch Operation, Hyper-Accurate Playback and Speed Control
Classic Direct Drive's otherworldly, dead-silent, perfect-pitch, and musically resplendent sound is due to its breakthrough design. This turntable makes no mechanical contact in the horizontal plane, resulting in the lowest-possible noise drive and bearing design. Minimum friction is achieved via a precision inverted bearing and PEEK bearing suffice. Consistent, hyper-accurate playback comes via an active feedback loop that directly measures and controls the speed of the platter. Speed accuracy is a mind-blowing .01% from both 33 and 45RPM. The plinth is so massive and superbly damped, it virtually eliminates resonance. And the external power supply is internationally approved to remove line-noise-generating components from within the 'table.

"It's solid and quiet in a way I've never experienced, even compared to the mighty Continuum, the silly Onedof, and the massive Clearaudio. …The Classic Direct just has much more [pitch stability], and it's mated to a world-class tonearm to complete the package."
—Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio, Overall Product of the Year Award, December 2013

Worry-Free Ease of Use and Setup: 100% Music Direct Guaranteed
While its design principles are complex, nothing about playing or setting up Classic Direct Drive could be easier. In combination with the VPI 3D Printed Tonearm, this 'table personifies the ultimate merger of musical luxury and user-interface simplicity. And since Classic Direct Drive is free from any drift in factory settings over time, you can rest assured that the sound you get will stay with you over the life of this turntable. From our repeated listening experience, we firmly believe VPI Classic Direct Drive outperforms 'tables that literally sell for five times its price. We're so certain you'll agree that this incredible instrument comes with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Call a Music Direct consultant now to arrange your audition with this masterpiece.

“The years of effort in putting this design together—and creating a custom motor, electronics, and platter—help explain the cost of the VPI Classic Direct. What really counts, however, is sound, and the end result is truly outstanding. The resulting “system” of the new tonearm and turntable does far less to color the sound than any unit I’ve heard to date.”
—Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound, March 2015

  • Direct drive with no mechanical contact in the horizontal plane. The lowest noise drive and bearing design architecture possible.
  • A precision inverted bearing and PEEK bearing surface for minimum friction.
  • Servo controlled with an active feedback loop that measures and controls the speed of the platter directly to yield the most consistent and accurate playback possible.
  • A high mass billet aluminum platter weighing 18 lbs
  • Speed accuracy of .01% or 5 Sigma from 33.3 RPM and from 45.0 RPM.
  • A proprietary non-cogging drive system that uses the platter as the rotor and a printed circuit board stator.
  • A ½" thick machined aluminum plate bonded to 2" of MDF creating a plinth which is so massive and well damped it virtually eliminates resonance.
  • An external universal power supply that is internationally approved to remove line noise generating components from within the turntable.

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