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VPI - Nomad Turntable



VPI - Nomad Turntable


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VPI Nomad Turntable

Save 30% on the Innovative, Original VPI Nomad Turntable! It Comes Complete With Built-In Headphone Amplifier, Incredible Phonostage, and Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge Pre-Set-Up at the Factory

The Best Deal on a Turntable This Holiday Season: Utter Plug-and-Play Simplicity Means You'll Be Spinning LPs Just Minutes After Unboxing Nomad!

VPI Nomad turntable is the best-sounding, most unique under-$1k turntable we've ever heard. After more than 30 years in business, VPI sets a new analog benchmark with the Nomad. Not only is Nomad completely designed and built in the U.S.A., it betters many models priced well above $2,000. Spin any LP, and Nomad will leave you stunned. Backgrounds are dead silent. Bass is thunderous and completely controlled. Soundstaging sounds remarkable. We could go on and on so about the utter simplicity and stunning sonics. But we rather you hear Nomad for yourself. If you are in the market for a 'table (even a more expensive one), we highly encourage an in-home audition. If you are not as impressed with Nomad as we are, we'll take it back. Guaranteed.

"In the VPI Nomad, Harry and Mat Weisfeld have designed a superb-sounding, cost-effective record player, and included an excellent headphone amplifier and a superb phono stage, to create an entire vinyl-playback system!"

Design Includes Gimbal-Bearing Tonearm, New Platter/Spindle/Bearing
The advanced technology inside Nomad speaks to its excellence. VPI engineered a new gimbal-bearing tonearm with no-nonsense looks and form-follows-function design. It's utterly a great-sounding arm: nothing more and nothing less. The newly designed platter/spindle/bearing assembly was tested, tweaked, re-tested, and improved until company founder Harry Weisfeld was satisfied. Given his perfectionist mentality, that's saying something!

"The first thing that struck me about the Nomad's sound was its rich, voluptuous, uncolored midrange. High frequencies were also clean, uncolored, and extended. The Nomad resolved an impressive amount of inner detail [and] the Nomad's transient articulation was superb!"

A Built-In Headphone Amplifier on a 'Table? Yes
Nomad also includes an attribute we've never seen in any 'table: a built-in headphone amplifier, one specifically designed for Nomad, to boot. Feel free to plug in any pair of 'cans and listen through the night without disturbing anyone. But please do us a favor. Since you'll likely be on the move or dancing around to the sweet sounds of Nomad, get a headphone extension cable!

A Built-In Phonostage and Pre-Installed 2M Red Cartridge, Too
A built-in phonostage and Ortofon 2M Red moving-magnet cartridge round out Nomad's other unique features. They work in literal harmony to provide the best-possible sound from the Ortofon and make the 'table sing. Plus, the phonostage is built to perfectly complement the Ortofon 2M Series. So, if you want better performance, simply upgrade the stylus. We have them all available here. (NOTE: The output of the Nomad is line-level only (plug and play); the built-in phonostage cannot be bypassed and you cannot use an outboard phono preamp.)

Utter Simplicity: Just Unbox Nomad, Put on Platter, and Plug It In
Nomad is simplicity personified! Once you get your Nomad, just open the box, put the platter over the spindle, and plug in the turntable. That's it. No additional work is necessary. Everything has been done at the factory. The alignment is completed; the tracking force is already set. You'll be spinning tunes in under a minute.

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