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VPI - Player Turntable


VPI - Player Turntable (Maple) AVPITTPLRHAM

VPI - Player Turntable


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Lively Analog Sound, Plug-and-Play Simplicity, Limitless Upgradeability: VPI Player Turntable Offers Huge Improvements, High-End Features, Built-In Phono Preamp and Headphone Amp

Loaded with incredible features and built to deliver vibrant high-end sound, the VPI Player turntable leaves other 'tables in (and above) its price range spinning. If you want exciting analog experiences and the music on your vinyl LPs to come to three-dimensional life with a bare minimum of fuss, the plug-and-play Player stands at the ready. This is the 'table the audiophile industry and music lovers are going crazy about. Having started its life as the award-winning Nomad, Player is VPI's newest breakthrough. While it carries over some of Nomad's most-prized characteristics, the U.S.A.-made Player betters them with wholesale upgrades and new elements that give it world-beating status. VPI even hired an electrical expert to ensure nothing on Player – not even the most basic wire – was overlooked.

On the inside, Player boasts improved electrical circuitry, revised internal connectivity, a built-in headphone amplifier, and a defeatable phono preamplifier complete with upgraded parts and wiring. The all-important tonearm has also been re-tooled for maximum performance. The nine-inch, gimbaled and oil-bath design now uses a turntable bearing to achieve unbelievable synergy. And it sports supreme durability. VPI President Mat Weisfeld has literally knocked the tonearm against walls, put it back on Player, and demonstrated that it still works. (Please do not try this at home. Music Direct does not condone this activity.) Not to be outdone, the machined-aluminum platter, crafted in New Jersey, provides stalwart precision, damping, and tolerance. A premounted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, arguably the most recommended cartridge in the world, and choice of walnut or maple plinth complete the function, fit, and finish of this stellar analog rig.

While conceiving Player, VPI recognized that many listeners want to customize and upgrade their components. So the company created Player to accommodate these desires. While it comes with stabilizing feet, if you so choose, you can fit any after-market feet on Player courtesy of the Quarter-20 thread. In addition, Player is compatible with virtually every VPI accessory under the sun – including the Prime or Classic platter, Periphery Outer Ring Clamp, and HRX stainless-steel center weight. Add these upgrades at your convenience. Player gives you a 'table that can further improve over time – and along with your budget. Similarly, the built-in phonostage and premounted Ortofon cartridge give you everything you need for analog enjoyment now and can be switched out in the future as your system grows. It's the best of both worlds. Ditto the built-in headphone amplifier. Its circuit is developed to drive almost any headphone made and produce lively, dynamic sound. Whether or not you use it, and whether you chose the active phonostage or the unamplified RCA outputs, Player delivers.

More than anything, Player makes magical music-listening sessions a reality. Spin any LP, and Player will leave you stunned. Backgrounds are dead-silent. Bass is thunderous and completely controlled. Soundstaging cues arrive with remarkable positioning and dimensionality. We're so astonished by the utter simplicity and stunning sonics, we could go on and on. But nothing we can say fully captures the thrills we've had just playing records on Player during demonstrations. And it's so easy. Once you get your Player, just open the box, put the platter over the spindle, and plug in the turntable. That's it. No additional work is necessary. Everything else has been done at the factory. The alignment is completed. The tracking force is already set. You'll be spinning tunes in under a minute – and, most importantly, you'll be hearing them with new ears.

Indeed, VPI Player represents a substantial upgrade from any sub-$500 tables. Player preforms in a class usually reserved for 'tables at the twice the price. Music Direct guarantees you will be thrilled after spinning your first LP side. That's why we encourage you to audition Player for 60 days. If you do not agree with us, we will take it back and refund your money. But we're pretty confident this 'table will find a happy home at your place.

"[That VPI's] phonostage held its own against a $500 phonostage designed by one of the industry's top electronics designers is pretty impressive..."
—Robert Reina, Stereophile, Class C Recommended Component

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