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The original, the standard Black Diamiond Racing Puck is also our most popular. Ideal for use under virtually any component, the Puck acts like a miniature Shelf, eliminating vibration for a shocking improvement in tonality and speed. Noise floor is also drastically reduced improving soundstage depth and width. The Puck is essentially a cut-out of the BDR Shelf, this why it is such an ultra-effective vibration control product.

The BDR Puck can be used alone, but is extremely effective when used in combination with the BDR Cone. This combination is one of the most effective and highly recommended vibration control devices here at Music Direct.

Mk3 vs Mk4
Unlike BDR Cones, which are built similarly but have very definite flavors, there are actual physical differences between Mk3 and Mk4 Pucks. The Mk3 Puck is 1/4" taller than the Mk4 Puck, giving it a bigger, more robust sound. However, some components will definitely benefit from the lighter, leaner sound of the Mk4 Puck.

The building blocks of BDR’s vibration control system, Pucks are based on the same technology used to create Shelves. They are extremely effective when used on their own and can be used in conjunction with Cones or Shelves for even greater performance. The Pit is the more flexible design; threaded on one side and dimpled on the other for
use as a cone cup. The Puck is threaded all the way through.

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