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Accessories > Vibration Control > Pneuance - Pneupod NP-1 Pneumatic Isolation Feet
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Pneuance - Pneupod NP-1 Pneumatic Isolation Feet


Pneuance - Pneupod Pneumatic Isolation Feet (Set of Four) APNEUPPOD

Pneuance - Pneupod NP-1 Pneumatic Isolation Feet


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Decoupling Method Uses Air Compression for Superb Isolation: Pneuance Pneumatic pNEUPOD NP-1 Isolation Feet Make Unbelievable Improvements to Any Component (Especially Tubes)

Pump up the performance of your turntable, preamplifier, power amplifier, DAC, disc player, and server with the Pneuance pneumatic pNEUPOD NP-1 isolation feet. Using air compression as its main method of isolation and able to support a maximum weight capacity of 80 pounds when used as a set of four, pNEUPOD NP-1 effectively decouples the attached component from the platform on which it rests. By doing so, it differs from nearly every other isolation accessory, which actually couple to the component to the platform and ultimately fail to rid the acoustic energy from traveling back through the shelves or racks.

Featuring adjustable air pressure, pNEUPOD NP-1 accommodates for components with uneven weight distribution and evenly balances everything – further eliminating resonance, feedback, and vibration. A custom-made rubber diaphragm and custom-made air valve on each of the feet permit seamless connection and disconnection of the bulb-type air pump without resulting in any loss of pressure. The rubber diaphragm contains the air and lets it isolate on all planes. Using pNEUPOD NP-1 is simple – and fun. But the real magic occurs once the music starts.

Countless sets of ears as well as in-depth computerized testing prove the effectiveness of pNEUPOD NP-1 when it comes to eradicating vibration. You'll hear cleaner, richer, more stable, coherent, and accurate sound and enjoy grander dynamics, finer details, and pinpoint imaging. The dramatic impact pNEUPOD NP-1 makes on just one component must be heard to be believed. This is no small improvement. And if you have tube gear, just wait until you experience the difference. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"Pumping up the feet again brought back the sense that the musicians were playing in the same room, listening to one another."
– John Atkinson, Stereophile

"The noise floor was somewhat lower, and transparency thereby improved. I've used a different inflatable isolation platform in (many) years past...but the Pneupods were more flexible, and provided a better sonic result."
– David Robinson, Positive Feedback, 2018 Brutus Award

Setup Guide (PDF, 1.3 MB)

White Paper (PDF, 1.1 MB)

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