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AUDIO ADDITIVES - 3M Damping Sheet (Ea)


Audio Additives - 3M Damping Sheet (Ea) AAAPANEL2x6

AUDIO ADDITIVES - 3M Damping Sheet (Ea)


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One of the Most Effective and Affordable Tweaks We Sell

When it comes to damping equipment chassis vibrations, Audio Additives 3M Damping Sheets are the best around. Each Damping Sheet consists of a self-adhesive stainless steel sheet backed by a blue proprietary 3M damping material. This proprietary process allows the Damping Sheet to create a constrained layer damping effect which instantly reduces chassis vibration, greatly improving sound quality and lowering the noise floor of any component.

Although Damping Sheets have literally hundreds of uses, we recommend that the first place to use a Damping Sheet is to adhere one to the inside top panel of a component. In most gear, the top panel is thin sheet metal that resonates sympathetically with any airborne vibration. Damping  resonance greatly improves resolution and tonal balance.

Damping Sheets can be cut to size using scissors, but please bear in mind that Damping Sheets are mostly stainless steel, even if they are thin. Also, please use common sense; don't block vents or place Damping Sheets inside any device that runs too hot to touch.

3M Damping Sheets can be used effectively on just about any electronic component. Each 3M panel is approximately 15mils thick (15/1000ths of an inch); these are hand-cut so small size variations are normal.

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