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AVID IsoPuk is a Phenomenal Isolation Device for Turntables or Any Other Component

Designed Specifically for Vibration Control by an Award-Winning Turntable Engineer for Drastic Reductions in Resonance

Who knows more about the need for effective vibration control more than a turntable designer? AVID’s Conrad Mas developed this formula for the feet of his suspension-less Diva II turntable. We slid a set underneath and jumped up and down on our springy wood floors and—nothing. Literally, nothing happened. (Sold in sets of three.)

"When the Isopuks were placed underneath my turntable, the soundstage opened up, giving more air and space around the individual instruments and vocals. Transient response was also improved as cymbals had better attack, but there was no added harshness to the string section of an orchestra...Removing the Isopuks [from under my CD player] gave the impression that I had smeared a thin layer of mud on my CD! These work."
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Where most tonearms would skip across the record’s surface, the Diva’s arm stayed put and continued to play flawlessly. This incredible Isopuk vibration control footer is now available for use under any component. The Isopuk is an aluminum base filled with a proprietary Sorbothane formula. The felt base facilitates movement and protects furniture, while the shape dissipates vibration and removes high-frequency resonance. Try a set and you’ll hear an instantaneous audible improvement: enhanced imaging, better detail retrieval, and most importantly, a smoother and more natural tonal balance. Available in two hardness levels, each specifically designed for different weights.

A simple calculation determines how many Isopuks are required, then say goodbye to annoying skips.

Isopuk 5 rated up to 4.5 pounds each
Isopuk 7 rated from 10 pounds to 16 pounds each

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