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Accessories > Vibration Control > BDR - Carbon Fiber Isolation Shelf for the Source
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BDR SOUND ENHANCEMENT EQUIPMENT BDR - Carbon Fiber Isolation Shelf for the Source



BDR SOUND ENHANCEMENT EQUIPMENT BDR - Carbon Fiber Isolation Shelf for the Source


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BDR Shelf for Source

Constructed from BDR’s proprietary carbon fiber composite technology materials and clear coated on both sides for an elegant and understated appearance, the BDR Source is double the mass of the Stereophile Recommended BDR Shelf and an additional 1/2" taller, providing even greater isolation than the world renowned BDR Shelf.

The Shelf for the Source was originally designed for source components such as transports or turntables, giving them a resonance-free platform, which eliminates both external and internal vibration.  Over the years, we've discovered that the Source works exceptionally well under virtually all heavier components from power conditioners and large power amps to the latest in high-mass Transports and DACs.  The Shelf for the Source working best with heavier components, preferably those over 20 lbs.  

The BDR Source board's higher mass and greater rigidity removes an additional layer of haze and distortion, offering a deeper more accurate vision of the soundstage.  The Source also creates stunning improvements in rhythm, pacing and coherence. The soundstage moves even farther back, instruments breathe with life, performers stand firmly planted in a real space. Frequency extension gains breadth, now ranging from the subterranean to the most ethereal of highs.  Voices especially become more natural, alive and textured.  For those with reference gear, a Source Board is the only suitable high-end platform, a truly silent platform for analog components, a vibration free surface for digital and a rock-solid foundation for amplifiers.

Just like the BDR Shelf, BDR Cones are highly recommended for isolating the BDR Source board from the rack and also as an interface between the BDR Source and the component.

"There was a marked increase in perceived silence, the low-level cues that define the air surrounding instruments. I've played with a lot of equipment support shelves, but I keep returning to the Shelf...although it doesn't come cheap, when I want to really hear what a component is doing, it ends up on the Shelf."
– Wes Philips, Stereophile

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