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BDR SOUND ENHANCEMENT EQUIPMENT BDR - Carbon Fiber Composite Isolation Shelf


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BDR Shelf: The Ultimate Vibration-Free Platform

The Shelf is Black Diamond Racing's flagship product. Perhaps the best known of all BDR components, the Shelf was originally conceived as a replacement for stock shelves in equipment racks. The Shelf is now available in a variety of different sizes to fit virtually any need.

Made entirely of BDR's proprietary Carbon Fiber Composite materials and finished with clear acrylic on both sides for an elegant and understated appearance, the BDR Shelf is massive and extremely non-resonant, absorbing enormous amounts of vibration: a BDR Shelf is only ¾" thick, yet it is 25x less resonant than an 8" thick granite slab and has 4 times the vibration absorbing power of 2" thick MDF!

Placing any component on a BDR Shelf provides startling improvements in clarity, resolution, rhythm and pacing, dramatically reducing noise and distortion for great improvements in tonality and imaging. The Shelf provides even greater isolation when used with BDR Pyramid Cones; use one set underneath the Shelf and one between the Shelf and the component. For best results place the flat sides of all cones against the Shelf.

The Shelf is recommended for any component and is ¾" thick. However, for components over 20 pounds the Shelf for the Source (1 ¼" thick) will provide superior isolation and performance.

"There was a marked increase in perceived silence, the low-level cues that define the air surrounding instruments. I've played with a lot of equipment support shelves, but I keep returning to the Shelf...although it doesn't come cheap, when I want to really hear what a component is doing, it ends up on the Shelf."
– Wes Philips, Stereophile

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