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Finite Elemente - Cerapuc Isolation Feet


Finite Elemente - Cerapuc Isolation Feet AFINCERAPUC3PACK

Finite Elemente - Cerapuc Isolation Feet


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Fine-Tune Your Music and System Using Direct Coupling Technology: German-Made Finite Elemente Cerapuc Isolation Feet Offer User-Friendly Flexibility While Delivering Dramatic Sonic Improvements

In spite of their deceivingly small size, the German-made Finite Elemente Cerupuc Isolation Feet deliver headline-worthy sonic improvements to any component, speaker, or rack to which they're attached. Representing the midpoint in Cera Series, Cerupuc balances user-friendly flexibility with serious aural might – and offers a generous taste of the enhancements provided by the bigger models in the line. Cerupuc offers two usable heights (18mm or 35mm), a load capacity of 660 pounds when used as a set of four, and height-adjustability within 10mm of its range. M6 and M8 bolts come standard.

Using direct coupling to effectively transfer sound-interfering resonances via ultra-hard ceramic balls, stainless-steel construction, and exacting engineering, Finite Elemente's Cera technology strikes an optimal equilibrium between damping and deflection. The resulting vacuum effect cancels unwanted vibrations exactly where they begin – avoiding any resonance buildup, overdamping, or deflection loss. If you want to increase the degrees of low-level resolution, focus, transparency, harmonics, separation, and dimensionality in your system and music, Cerapuc is an easy installation away. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"The Ceraball, Cerapuc, and Cerabase equipment feet are another story. They made components sound a lot better. They are expensive, but excellent values in terms of improvement per dollar. Fully equipping my reference system cost about $2200, but the improvement – to about $100,000 worth of gear – was HUGE! And after I'd heard my system with the [Finite Elemente] feet in place, there was no going back!"
– Brian Damkroger, Stereophile

“The Ceraproducts bring out the best in a system, especially in terms of absolute detail. This is something of a ‘Mission Accomplished’ for many audiophiles, as anything that can make good audio sound more detailed and therefore bring more of the music to the fore has to be a good thing by definition. And here, it is a good thing.”

Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

About Cera Technology
Cera technology is based on direct coupling for effective transfer of sound-interfering resonances. Fast resonance transfer is provided by ultra-hardened high-tech ceramic balls. When combined with precision-machined stainless steel, the optimum balance between damping and deflection is achieved. The resulting vacuum effect draws off unwanted resonance directly where it evolves. The clear advantage: No resonance buildup, no overdamping, no loss of deflection.

Material: precision machined stainless steel, high-tech ceramic ball
Usable height: 0.7" or 1.4"
Dimensions: Ø 1.4" (top section), Ø 2.2" (bottom section)
Load capacity: 661 lbs. (set of 4), 496 lbs. (set of 3)

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