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Gingko Cloud 14 Platform

Designed specifically for lightweight components, Gingko's Cloud 14 platforms are the ultimate vibration control platforms. The Cloud 14 features the same gorgeous acrylic construction and compressed ball structure as other Cloud platforms, but is substantially heavier. Cloud 14 provides outstanding isolation for lightweight components on virtually any surface.

"Less than a minute into Kind of Blue, I was picking my jaw off the floor. The improvement [from the Cloud 14] was staggering: in the bass alone, greater clarity, definition, detail, pitch stability, and dynamic range. Greater clarity and control all across the band and up and down the scale, far greater inner detail and imaging stability, an overall presentation smoother, more natural and relaxed."
- Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound

The Problem
Standard Cloud platforms are not compatible with the tons of amazing products which weigh less than 30 Lbs, such as those from Oppo, Marantz, Rega, Music Hall and Pro-Ject. The balls used in Cloud platforms work optimally under a load of 10 lbs per ball. As a minimum of 3 balls are needed under the top plate, the starting load for a Ginkgo Cloud is an audio component weighing 30 lbs.

The Solution
An ingenious solution presented itself, pre-load the platform! After a battery of lab tests and listening tests, the Cloud 14 platform was born. The Cloud 14 is built with a heavy top-plate; mass loaded with layers of wood and acrylic for optimum resonance control. Finally, Gingko Cloud performance is available to every lightweight component.

Cloud 14A vs. Cloud 14B
Both the 14A and 14B measure 20.5x15x4", which are the same dimensions as the Cloud 10L and 11L, but are quite a bit taller. Both Cloud 14 platforms have a heavy top plate with wood insert; the Cloud 14A has the heavier bottom base from the Cloud 11 and the Cloud 14B has the single-layer bottom base from the Cloud 10.

"The bottom line? With loud playback levels and/or big, demanding music, especially in the bass, the effect of taking any of these off the Gingko platforms is to make it seem almost as if they're all literally broken. The pun is as unavoidable as it may be egregious, but the ball's now in your court."
- Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound

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