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GOLDEN SOUND - DH Acoustic Discs (Set of 12)



GOLDEN SOUND - DH Acoustic Discs (Set of 12)


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Golden Sound Acoustic Discs

Improve The Sound Of Your Room Unobtrusively

How can 12 discs, each one scarcely the diameter of a penny and only 3/8'' tall possibly make a difference in your system?  By taking advantage of room modes and pressure zones, Golden Sound Acoustic Discs eliminate honkiness and resonance from your room by taming the corners! 

That explanation probably went by a little fast and that's how we felt the first time we were presented with these invaluable little tools.  However, the acoustical theory is sound (sorry, we couldn't resist) and there are measurements available to prove it. The acoustical theory backing up the Acoustic Discs states that by eliminating resonance points in the corners of your room, cleans up midrange and treble performance at the listening position. 

Strategically placing these discs in mathematically derived positions in the upper corners of your room, Acoustic Discs actually cause resonance waves to break up and cancel each other out. Research by Golden Sound confirms applying Acoustic Discs reduces cumulative spectral decay from 80Hz -15kHz by 30 to 50%! 

That still doesn't explain how these tiny discs could possibly effect that big an improvement.  However, midrange and treble waves are actually very small and are therefore easily broken up.  Most corner solutions rely on a "sledgehammer approach" featuring large panels of absorptive materials to absorb as much as possible.  However, Acoustic Discs are a precision instrument, designed to break up specific reflections and allow the room to do the cancellation work.  This allows the room to sustain a much livelier and more natural sound, with outstanding focus and detail.  In our own listening tests, placing a trio of Acoustic Discs in each of the upper corners of the room created a surprisingly large improvement in system focus, soundstage dimensions and even greater in the tonality of the system!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do They Really Work?
This is the most frequently asked question about Acoustic Discs. The answer is absolutely, we highly recommend them and we have many happy customers who own them, however, every system and every room is different.  If you don't hear a difference in your system take advantage of our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Can I Use Them With Other Room Treatments?
Even if you already have a set of Corner Tunes, Corner Busters or any other corner treatment, a set of Acoustic Discs will still make an amazing improvement!

How Do I Know Where To Place Them?
Every Set of Acoustic Discs comes complete with helpful instructions to aid in placement.

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