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GOLDEN SOUND - DH Cones Jumbo 1 3/8" (Set of 3)


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Golden Sound DH Cones

Golden Sound's Jumbo cones are best suited to large speakers or heavy equipment.  Under these components, Jumbos offer greater dynamic range and superior air and detail.  They will also extend the soundstage and increase palpability. 

Designed for truly heavy gear, we don't recommend using Jumbos under most lightweight gear, as it may tip up the tonal balance towards brightness.  However, certain dull-sounding components that don't open up enough under other Golden Sound cones may actually benefit from a set of Jumbos.

Diameter: 1 9/16"
Height: 1 3/8"

All Golden Sound cones are made of a high-tech ceramic material, so advanced it's used in the aerospace industry and by NASA.  Golden Sound Cones are extremely tough, almost as hard as diamond, but substantially less resonant, allowing them to support tremendous weight without distortion.  Each cone has a specific shape providing optimum isolation to the specific gear it will be mated to.

We recommend considering two factors when choosing the proper DH Cone size - component weight and subjectivity of the component to vibration. The larger the cone, the more vibration absorbing mass.

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