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GUTWIRE - Notepad Mk2 Isolation Pad


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Gutwire Notepad Mk2 Isolation Pad

Gutwire's NotePad2 is a small black bag filled with a heavy, viscous, non-toxic, polymer gel to be placed beneath or on top of your components. The NotePad2 absorbs vibration, unwanted resonance and EMI/RFI. Amazing results achieved with all formats of disc players, all components (tube gear and solid-state) and speakers. Cleaner highs, a more detailed midrange, better bass definition and more precise image placement all await you. Especially recommended above the transport mechanism of your CD player. Each NotePad2 supports up to 22 lbs, three NotePad2 units should suffice for most components but get a fourth one to put on top as well; their effect is additive and addictive.

We recommend placing NotePad2 both under sources of vibration and/or directly on top of digital player drive mechanisms as well is over the transformers in preamps and power amps. We also recommend placing NotePad2 on loudspeakers to dampen cabinet resonance, under speaker cables to eliminate static build up, especially for long runs across carpet. NotePad2 really works. Try them for yourself with confidence, we back the Gutwire NotePad2 with a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee.

"I tried them as suggested, on all my components and in every which way possible. All I can say is that I wish I had more. They really do work. What did I experience with the Notepads? In general, a smoother, more relaxed character to music playback. I heard this as deeper, firmer, more defined bass; a more coherent midrange, with glare on brass, strings and vocals noticeable by its absence. The performance became more musically coherent. All components seemed to benefit no matter where I placed the damper pads. GutWire Notepads are a sweet deal whose benefits far exceed what their very modest cost might suggest."
– Paul Candy, 6moons.com

Each NotePad2 will support 22 pounds. Use 3 NotePad2 to support a 66 pounds of equipment. An 80 pound amplifier requires 4 NotePad2. For proper performance, NotePad2 should be placed under the sources of vibration evenly or directly on top of the vibration. For placement on top of the CD/DVD/SACD player or transport, a single NotePad2 should be placed directly over the drive mechanism. Player or transport with top loading mechanism should place NotePad2 behind or next to it. For amplifiers, a single NotePad2 will work best if it placed on top of the transformer or 3 NotePad2 underneath the amplifier. To use NotePad2 under the component, one should need to determine the correct location of the placement. Lift the equipment with both hands to “weight” which side is heavier (typically, the side with the transformer is heavier). Place the majority of the NotePad2 under the heavier side and arrange the NotePad2 to support the equipment so that the weight is distributed evenly. NotePad2 can also be placed on top of the speakers to damper the unwanted resonances. Placing NotePad2 underneath the speaker cables can avoid static build-up. Special formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel is filled inside the NotePad2 to absorb vibration and unwanted resonance. The material is non-toxic.

  • Special formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel is filled inside the NotePad2 to absorb vibration, unwanted resonance, EMI and RFI
  • Non-toxic
  • Three layers of insulation: PE, aluminum foil and nylon cloth
  • Maximum temperature: 158°F (70°C)
  • Life span is expected to be three to five years
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