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Music Hall - Cork Record Mat



Music Hall - Cork Record Mat


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The Music Hall Mat Brings New Life To Your Vinyl!

Roy Hall is always on the lookout for products that provide tons of musical enjoyment for only a modest investment. On a recent trip to Europe, Roy found this fabulous sounding platter mat and was utterly beguiled by its sound. The sound of the Music Hall Mat is fast, lively and rich with surprisingly deep black backgrounds and a slight flair for the dramatic. Music seems to leap from the table with great enthusiasm and even revitalizes mediocre recordings.

How it Works
A seemingly simple lightweight mat, the Music Hall Mat is made entire from cork and is designed to be a direct replacement for virtually any turntable mat. The secret to the Mat's great sound are the cork pads which suspend the record, a dozen small pads around the outside of the Mat and a single larger one for the spindle. These cork pads have excellent damping characteristics and do a great job protecting the record from the platter's vibration and allowing the vinyl to "speak" on its own. An additional advantage of the Music Hall Mat is its ability to "grip" the platter and the record simultaneously, eliminating the micro-slippage that plagues standard felt mats. This gives the Mat greater focus and improves pacing, especially on complex passages or those with substantial low-frequency content.

Care and Feeding
Avoid getting the Mat wet and do not bend or fold it. If well cared for, the Mat will provide years of listening pleasure. Try one in your home risk-free with our 30Day Money Back Guarantee!

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