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Stillpoints - Ultra 5 Isolation Feet


Stillpoints - Ultra 5 Isolation Feet ASTILLULTRA5

Stillpoints - Ultra 5 Isolation Feet


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Reference Devices Feature Inner Pockets to Convert Vibrations into Energy That Gets Released as Heat: Award-Winning Stillpoints Ultra 5 Isolation Feet Lead to Astounding Musical Improvements

Stillpoints Ultra 5 isolation feet employs five pockets of Stillpoints technology per unit for maximum stability and vibration reduction. When placed under components, these award-winning devices yield a massive improvement and provide a drastic increase in the level of isolation. One of the most sophisticated vibration control devices ever produced, Ultra 5 features inner pockets that convert vibrations into energy, which is then released as heat, providing your system with consistent improvements in clarity, articulation, and soundstaging. Backgrounds become blacker, individual musical elements become more defined, and your overall musical experience becomes more enveloping. Once you hear what Ultra 5 can do for one component, you'll want them under all of your equipment - and the results will be even better. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Each Ultra 5 measures 2.25" high by 3" wide.

"The increase in resolution was mind-boggling. I'm not talking about hi-fi resolution or the presentation becoming more forward or etched, but rather that about hearing much more musical information. Although the presentation was more detailed and resolved, it also had greater ease - qualities that are usually mutually exclusive. The combination of ease is a recipe for musical involvement, as ease fosters a relaxation that makes you more receptive to nuances of expression."
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award

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