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Stillpoints - Ultra Mini Isolation Feet with Base


Stillpoints - Ultra Mini Isolation Feet with Base ASTILLULTRAMINI

Stillpoints - Ultra Mini Isolation Feet with Base


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Transfer Vibration Away from Your System with Stillpoints Mini Ultra Isolation Feet with Base: Hear Improvements in Nearly Every Sonic Realm by Placing These Devices Under Your Components

Stillpoints Ultra Mini isolation feet with bases feature four full tiers of ball bearings that act as a filter system to reduce the transfer of vibration. Ultra Minis dramatically reduce the negative effects of outside vibration and resonance, delivering improvements like a greater sense of space around instruments and voices, low-level detail retrieval, and microdynamic shadings. All Stillpoints products come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

“Whether deployed under preamps, power amps, DACs, or speakers, Stillpoints’ isolation devices produced a significant improvement in the sound: specifically, in the resolution of low-level detail and the ability of the speaker to disappear into the soundstage.”
The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

Height: minimum 1.16" to maximum 1.34"
Diameter: minimum 0.74" to maximum 0.95"
Weight: 2.24oz 
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