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TRACK AUDIO - Turntable Feet (Set of 4)


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Turntable Feet are a variation on Track Audio's Isolation Feet, with a very different profile and intended use. Designed specifically to isolate analog rigs, the Turntable Feet are an amazing upgrade for any table. Designed to be used with any turntable with a plinth, the Turntable Feet are surprisingly flexible and incredibly effective. Bass becomes deeper and more clear, voices and instruments have greater space and presence, the top end smooths out and opens up. Depth, image clarity and sense of space are all greatly improved. Track Audio Turntable Feet should be on every turntable owner's upgrade list.

Turntable Feet are suitable for both light and heavy turntables, an extraordinary feat for a footer upgrade. The solid steel construction, military grade tolerances and ingenious engineering make Turntable Feet the one upgrade you'll use on every turntable you ever own. The massive solidity of these feet ensure longevity and the extremely tight tolerances mean consistent repeatable results. Easily adjustable height makes turntable leveling a breeze and a wide variety of optional threaded adapters mean the Turntable Feet will work on any turntable present or future.

For light turntables, such as many Rega, Pro-Ject and Music Hall turntables, the Turntable Feet should be flipped upside down, with their broad flat base on the shelf and the turntable supported on their very short and wide spikes. When used upside-down Turntable Feet don't add unwanted mass to these lightweight plinths yet provide a huge amount of vibration absorption and isolation from the shelf. This gives the turntable a virtually immobile platform to sit on. The turntable's body is supported solely by the four tiny cones mounted to these massive Turntable Feet, giving the turntable all the isolation benefits of "floating in free air" but with a massive grounding thanks to the Turntable Feet's heavy bases.

For heavier turntables, such as VPI, Sota, certain Pro-Ject models etc, the Turntable Feet should be used right-side up with the cones pointing down into the shelf and the bases should be affixed to the plinth of the table. On a lightweight table adding mass is hugely detrimental to its performance, however, on a more massive structure the additional mass of the Turntable Feet becomes complimentary, enhancing every performance parameter. Turntable Feet have the same internal threading structure of all Track Audio Feet , so the same broad array of standard threaded adapters is available, simply let us know which threading you require and we'll include a set of four free of charge. Custom adapter lengths or non-standard threadings are available for a small upcharge, these are ordered from the UK so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

"The Track Audio spikes brought a sense of shape, power and energy to the music, a propulsive quality that kept things moving forward, full of purpose and intent...Just think of all the pleasure your speakers have given you. Isn't it time you pampered them (and yourself) just a little?"
– Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat

Turntable Feet are a stunning upgrade for any component, not just turntables; try a set under your DAC, CD Player, Preamp, even Power Amps! Gorgeously machined and a huge sonic upgrade, Track Audio has created an entirely new product category for us: speaker spikes. An off-shoot of a British machining company with clients in the military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries, Track Audio creates astonishingly high-quality products from high grade steel. Designed to last a lifetime and sound great doing it.

Height: 1.84" (adjustable to 2.5")
Width: 1.72"
Weight Handling: 79 lbs. each, 315 lbs. per set of four
Mass: 13.4 oz (ea)

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