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VPI - Mini HRX Feet Upgrade (Set of 4)


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VPI Mini HR-X Replacement Feet 

Heavy, Stable, Isolated: VPI Mini HR-X Replacement Feet Yield Tighter Bass, Improved Clarity, Deeper Soundstaging

Affordable, Effective, and Easy to Install: VPI Mini HR-X Replacement Feet Provide Considerable Upgrade Over Stock Feet

Upgrade the original coned feet on any VPI Scout, Scoutmaster, Super Scoutmaster, or Aries Series turntables with VPI Mini HR-X replacement feet. Heavier and more stable than the stock feet, these composite feet provide greater stability, better vibration control, and clearer, more dynamic sound. VPI Mini HR-X replacement feet rank as one of the most affordable, effective, and easily installed upgrades VPI has ever offered. Simply unscrew your existing coned feet and screw in the VPI Mini HR-X replacement feet to take your turntable to enjoy a lower noise floor, tighter bass, and improved overall clarity and soundstaging. Backed by our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

VPI Mini HR-X replacement feet are heavy, well-isolated and extremely stable. Made from a composite of Delrin and stainless steel (similar to the make-up of highly acclaimed VPI HR-X plinth), they tout a built-in damping mechanism. The bottom of the feet have three steel ball bearings that serve as the contact point with your stand, and which further minimize vibration. And since the feet fit almost exactly inside the dimensions of Scout, Scoutmaster, Super Scoutmaster, and Aries plinths, they are completely compatible with dustcovers.

NOTE: The Aries 1 Feet kit is for use only with the Aries 1 turntable.

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Width: 2.5"
Height: 2.0" (Effective)

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