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Music > Vinyl > Devendra Banhart - Oh Me Oh My...The Way the Day Goes By (Vinyl LP)
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Devendra Banhart - Oh Me Oh My...The Way the Day Goes By

(Vinyl LP)

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"To say Devendra is unique is an absurd understatement. When I first heard his voice I could not believe it. His occasionally warbling falsetto is alternately bizarre, soulful, comical, gentle, and often a little frightening (listen to "Nice People" and see if it doesn't set the hairs on the back of your neck on end). His advanced (though often somewhat elliptical finger-picking guitar style, coupled with his wildly surreal lyrics (truly exceptional in many cases) have convinced me personally that he's a potential major talent, and I would never use this latter phrase lightly.

"The 21 songs (some of which clock in at about 30 seconds) on this [2002 album] each contain their own special drama and immediately memorable melody - no mean feat when your instrumentation is limited to acoustic guitar and voice with only the occasional hand clap or whistle thrown in as "orchestration". In a popular music environment inundated with computer/electronic generated sound and sanitized ProTools mixes it's a tremendous relief to hear something so ridiculously compelling that's also so low tech, utterly personal, and hand made. The songs were recorded on assorted borrowed and usually broken 4 track cassette recorders by Devendra himself, in various haphazard locations around the globe.

"These recordings were made solely for himself, and were not intended as "demos" in order to get the proverbial "record deal", and they're better for it – devoid of any self consciousness or artifice, just Devendra's skewed, idiosyncratic, magically twisted world and imagination...I hear all kinds of references and comparisons that might be relevant in describing Devendra – from Marc Bolan's pre-T Rex recordings, to Daniel Johnston, to Nick Drake (in my opinion some of the songs have a similar inner purity and pathos), to Karen Dalton (one of Devendra's idols), to Syd Barrett, to, well, Tiny Tim." - Michael Gira, Young God Records

"Albums like this only come along every so often. Self-recorded at LED-scorching Tascam levels, Oh Me Oh My recalls the voices of classic outsider like Arthur Doyle and Jandek while not sounding anything like them.. The similarities are in Banhart's singularity and in his total dedication to his vision. While there was a time when you could expect to hear at least one home-recorded experiment per indie record - hello, Dinasour Jr – it's been some time since a new voice announced itself this clearly." - John Darnielle, Magnet

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