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Rocket from the Crypt - Group Sounds

(Vinyl LP)

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Rocket from the Crypt's ninth full-length album and debut for Vagrant Records, Group Sounds, was originally issued in 2001 and features 13 blasts of the most explosive and dense rock & roll ever committed to tape. The new "Wall of Sound" is erected only to be kicked over. Bricks continuously toppling over without mercy. Passionately out of control and adventurously violent. Past promises are made good and old allegiances are unapologetically broken.

Dig "Heart Of A Rat" with it's infectious repetition and summertime, bonfire appeal. "This Bad Check Is Gonna Stick" invites you to repent now or be steam-rolled by the inquisition. A bonafide party jam that is blowing up in the parallel universe. "Spitting" is a streamlined attack that inflicts crisp lacerations without pain. "Venom Venom" is pure Ethio-punk burn. Frantic beasts riot on a short-wave broadcast. "S.O.S." invites you to sit in with the band and listen to the air between the instruments. If spaciousness in sound is a bit of a foreign concept to these thugs, no proof is found here. Immaculate arrangements blanket the cold instruments.

"Out Of Control" is a reality based rocker that funnels the "everything on 10" approach into a compressed gel that is the DNA of rock n roll expressionism. "Carne Voodoo" is a manic caterwaul that celebrates the marriage of lethal guitar hammering and Fela-esque horn syncopation. "Ghost Shark" has the band once again joined by rock n roll legend Jim Dickinson (Rolling Stones, Stax, Big Star, Flat Duo Jets) on piano. 
"Straight American Slave" asks only to burn all hypocrites at the stake who open their homes and adore caricatures of alternative lifestyles on television and then demand for them all to be burned in hell for their subversive unnatural acts.

"White Belt" lyrically vaguely alludes to the novice experiences of honky stress while musically leaving nothing to the imagination. "Dead Seed" bubbles then screeches until the anvil is dropped. A cyclical, swirling, mess of guitars envelopes into a meaty, pre-hick fixated Byrds chime. "Return of the Liar" is basically "Back in the USSR" without the chicks and backed by a 60's frat thump. Finally, "Savoir Faire" fries whatever grease is left. The mechanical lurching of the instrumentation mimics the sound of equipment on the verge of malfunction. These are the Group Sounds. The perfect combination of everything you could ever want.


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