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Music > Vinyl > Sam McClellan - Music of the Five Elements (Vinyl LP)
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Sam McClellan - Music of the Five Elements

(Vinyl LP)

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Musician/acupressurist Sam McClellan's Music of the Five Elements (1982) is a revelatory discovery, an unrivaled work of intense research and focus, simultaneously a near perfect piece of art and a scientifically sound elixir for body and mind. After studying electronic composition at Hampshire College with Randall McClellan, Sam became intrigued with the possibilities of healing through music. He explored this idea by applying the ancient Chinese philosophy of medicine to the principles of musical composition.

Using the pentatonic scale, McClellan related each of the notes to one of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal Water), and created five variations for each. He experimented with tempo, beat, pitch, duration, and sound quality, studying the effect on people's energy levels. Using the results of his tests he developed a comprehensive theory of sonic healing and spent the next year composing an album designed to help people achieve inner balance, reducing anxiety and energy depletion.

Music of the Five Elements is not only the "acoustic massage" that McClellan set out to make, but is a fully realized and peerless piece of music. Taking cues from Minimalism, American Primitive guitar and even psychedelia, the album is a continuous sound voyage for voice, synthesizer, guitar, bowed bass, piano, effects and ciao all played by McClellan himself. Although divided into sections, the journey is best undertaken as a whole, without distraction.

As McClellan himself wrote in the original liner notes: "The optimum effect of Music of the Five Elements will be achieved if each side of this recording is played through, from beginning to end without interruption. Music of the Five Elements, when used as a meditational or body work tool, rather than entertainment, will increase in effect over time. Overplaying or improper use, however, may eventually diminish its designed effect."

The prescription for this album: play it loud and heal yourself. Remixed and remastered from the original reels and cut using DMM for the purest dose possible.

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