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Septic Tank - Rotting Civilisation

(Vinyl LP)

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This band of weather-beaten underground veterans - featuring vocalist Lee Dorrian (Cathedral), guitarist Gary Jennings (Cathedral) and bassist Scott Carlson (Repulsion) - has existed since the early '90s, more as a whispered enigma than a full-time band, but the decisive moment of deafening reality has arrived with the unveiling of Rotting Civilisation, the first full-length Septic Tank record and the ugly, rampaging rebirth of the subversive hardcore spirit.

With all the vitality and venom we demand from the best hardcore, Rotting Civilisation is an obscenely thrilling rollercoaster ride that takes in everything from numerous bursts of flagrant Discharge worship ("Walking Asylum", "Victimised") to Motorhead-style snot'n'roll ragers ("Divide And Conk Out," "Digging Your Own Grave"), Frost-fueled doomcore ("Death Vase," "Living Death") and even a skewed homage to Japanese punk legends G.I.S.M. ("You Want Some?"). Musically diverse but unrelenting in its belligerence, it's also an album full of brutally direct declarations on the state of the world today, the idiocy of the social media age and the general stupidness and selfishness of humanity in the 21st century. With his incensed worldview vividly reflected in artist Stewart Easton's idiosyncratic cover art, Dorrian has never written with such sledgehammer accuracy or righteous fury.

No longer a shadowy side-project that existed more in the minds of its participants than in the ears of the masses, Septic Tank has blossomed – or, perhaps, mutated – into one of the most invigorating musical fists to the face of our times. The perfect soundtrack to the collapse of society, Rotting Civilisation proves that legends never die, the best ideas are always worth another go and, above all, we the people will not go fucking quietly.

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