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Music > Vinyl > David Garrett - Virtuoso (180G Import Vinyl LP)
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David Garrett - Virtuoso

(180G Import Vinyl LP)


David Garrett - Virtuoso

(180G Import Vinyl LP)

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David Garrett Virtuoso on 180g Import LP

180g Vinyl Pressing from Clearaudio!

“Only those artists can afford to do crossover who have already made a name for themselves in the classical music scene.” David Garrett sets high quality standards. And he knows what he is talking about. In the fall 2007 the recording artist made his appearance in Germany with the release of his crossover album Virtuoso and he has been redefining standards in the classic and crossover scene step by step ever since. The native of Aachen, son of a German jurist and an American prima ballerina, can allow himself to sound out the limits.

Whereas many conservative contemporaries wonder whether uncompromising excellence and popularity, art and commerce can or may even be reconciled, David Garrett long ago proved that it is possible, enthralling listeners of all ages. The same new, incredibly electrifying spirit pervades lofty philharmonic halls holding sold-out classical concerts and open-air arenas staging crossover programs. The people sense that they are being taken seriously, that a person is performing who approaches the task with utmost discipline while creating an awareness for various musical genres and styles. Garrett’s desire to diminish the awe of classical music felt by young audiences in particular, to spark a whirlwind in the music scene while striving to sweep as many people off their feet as he possibly can is fulfilled to an overwhelming degree.

David Garrett is not only a technically brilliant recording artist who has received the praise and support of such eminent violin virtuosos as Isaac Stern, Yehudi Menuhin and in particular Ida Haendel. His greatness is also reflected in his mental countenance. As one of the few classically versed artists he has an undistorted perspective on tradition and modernity. Thinking in terms of fixed categories is foreign to him. “In my eye, the Paganinis, Liszts and Chopins of the 19th century were the world’s first rock stars,” he says. Garrett knows the secrets of great music and understands that the more substance a work has, the more possibilities an artist has to make it his own and place it in new contexts. “Bach arranged Vivaldi and Mozart arranged Turkish marches. Beethoven wanted to enchant the masses too, employing musical means to this end. Great composers have always incorporated elements which were popular in their day and there is nothing reprehensible about that. On the contrary.”

Only this mixture of perfectionism and openness, thoroughgoingness and foresight explain the overwhelming success which David Garrett has had since the release of Virtuoso. With this recording the artist presented the public with his vision of how various musical styles can be creatively fused on a high artistic level without compromising musical standards. Virtuoso's highlights include Garrett's renditions of "La Califfa" by Morricone, "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica and "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" by Rimsky-Korsakov among others.

David Garrett Virtuoso Track Listing:

1.  La Califfa
2.  Carmen Fantaisie (with Paco Pena)
3.  Nothing Else Matters
4.  Csardas - Gypsy Dance
5.  Duelling Banjos (Duelling strings)
6.  Paganini Rhapsody (on Caprice 24)
7.  Serenade
8.  The Flight of the Bumble Bee
9.  Toccata
10. Somewhere
11. Eliza's Song
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1. La Califfa
2. Carmen Fantaisie (with Paco Pena)
3. Nothing Else Matters
4. Csardas - Gypsy Dance
5. Duelling Banjos (Duelling strings)
6. Paganini Rhapsody (on Caprice 24)
7. Serenade
8. The Flight of the Bumble Bee
9. Toccata
10. Somewhere
11. Eliza's Son

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