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Electri City 1 + 2 - Various Artists

(Import Vinyl 2LP)

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Deluxe Edition Contains Both Volume I & II of the Electri_City Series!

Düsseldorf is the advanced hometown of most German electronic bands. The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia became the capital of an analog electronic movement from the early '70s to the mid-‘80s. Electronic musicians were great individualists, maybe they would not even call themselves a 'scene'; but for some reason they all converged on Düsseldorf.

Aware or unconscious, these people explored new ways of making music; they searched for an alternative, most cathartic way to deal with Germany's unfortunate past and the mighty cultural influences of the so-called 'Siegermächte‘, like Rock‘n‘Roll or Beatmusic.
 From 1969 to 1986 the handmade analog electronic music of Germany was mainly produced in Düsseldorf. This was before MIDI and computers, before samplers and other digital devices.
This was the analog revolution, a handmade futuristic music with synthesizers.

This is the sonic account of the city's most relevant output of bands like NEU!, DAF, La Düsseldorf, Rheingold, Der Plan, Die Krupps and many more. Influence and atmosphere of the famous Düsseldorf Art Academy is partly providing profound background for many of these bands. Most of the protagonists had an understanding of themselves as generally working in arts first, and thus became musicians. Electronic music evolved from then popular Prog-Rock (Progressive Music Movement) and became a worldwide genre of it‘s own.

What initial ingredients provided the city of Düsseldorf inhere for the music? Is the geographical space the lowest common denominator of the growing scene, or the appreciation of a ‘right time, right place'- thinking?


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