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Music > Vinyl > Fly Golden Eagle - Quartz Bijou (Vinyl LP)
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Fly Golden Eagle - Quartz Bijou

(Vinyl LP)

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Fly Golden Eagle Quartz Bijou on LP + Download

10-Song Abbreviated Vinyl Version of The Band's 26-Track Quartz

When you lower the needle down onto a Fly Golden Eagle record, you’ll hear a few different things at once. You’ll hear the stomp-heavy drama of T. Rex. You’ll hear the swirling colors and textures of The Doors. You’ll even here a growl of punk rock mixed effortlessly with the choral echoes of the gospel church. And it is all of these – the psych-rock-glam-funk-gospel sounds – that unify to fully form this Nashville quartet and their upcoming LP, Quartz, the band’s first-ever release on ATO Records.

“I wanted this album to be a real reflection of the whole band effort, of the vibes of us playing together,” said founding member and lead singer Ben Trimble. “I want people to listen to it and be able to feel the chemistry.” This was a definite contrast from Fly Golden Eagle’s previous psych-funk release, Swagger, and Trimble’s work through-and-through. “It [Swagger] was my thing,” he adds. “Quartz is about something bigger.”

Quartz is a 26-song epic, a collection of songs that join together to form a narrative arc describing a story that is sometimes vulgar, sometimes profane, and sometimes beautiful. The album lines up with the groundbreaking 1973 film The Holy Mountain, an avant-garde masterpiece directed by Alejandro Jodorowski, produced by The Beatles’ manager Allen Klein, and funded by John Lennon and George Harrison. Trimble found himself inspired by the film while writing the material that would become Quartz. It was not a given that the music and the movie would run in tandem, but as Trimble continued to write the through-lines of both works matched up, leading to an inspirational set piece of visuals, music, and story.

These combined efforts are certainly evident in the overall power of the record that also translates to Quartz Bijou, a 10-song abbreviated vinyl version of its originally intended 26-track version, Quartz. Quartz Bijou ebbs and flows seamlessly; it’s a deeply satisfying stand-alone musical effort, with the bonus realization that there’s more to be heard and experienced if so inclined.

Fly Golden Eagle Quartz Bijou Track Listing:

1.  You Look Good to Me 
2.  Horse's Mouth 
3.  Stepping Stone 
4.  Magic Steven 
5.  Boychild Ghost
6.  Monolith 
7.  The Slider 
8.  Medicine Hat
9.  Tehuacana
10. Death Myth
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1. You Look Good to Me
2. Horse's Mouth
3. Stepping Stone
4. Magic Steven
5. Boychild Ghost
6. Monolith
7. The Slider
8. Medicine Hat
9. Tehuacana
10. Death Myth

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