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Hey Monday Hold On Tight

(Vinyl LP)

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Hey Monday Hold On Tight on LP

If every Monday were as invigorating and infectious as Hey Monday, there’d be no reason to look forward to weekends. “We liked the name Hey Monday because it’s very contradicting,” says Cassadee, the band’s firecracker of a frontwoman with spunk to spare and an enthusiasm as disarming as it is endearing. “Most people don’t really say they’re happy about a Monday, they view it like it’s the first day of the rest of their week, but Monday can also just be a new beginning…”

Discovered at a regional music conference where the teenage siren would sing for anyone willing to listen, she attracted the attention of record label scouts at a time when most of her friends weren’t even old enough to drive. Less than two years later she released her band’s first album, 2008's Hold On Tight, a joint venture between Columbia Records and Fallout Boy bassist Pete Wentz’s Decaydance Records. Produced by S*A*M and Sluggo (The Academy Is, Gym Class Heroes, Metro Station), the album is a free-spirited spin through life’s post-adolescent twists, turns, trials and triumphs. 

“It’s refreshing to see the girls taking over again,” says Wentz about Cassadee’s rock star potential. “Wasn’t this club getting a bit boring full of boys? Cassadee proves that if you have the pipes and the drive, you can be heard. This record will have you singing long after you get out of your car. Hey Monday are a Coke can that has been shaken and is simply waiting to be opened...” In other words, an explosion is imminent.

“We have a variety of styles, but they’re all pretty-much fast and upbeat, because we wanted a fast, upbeat and happy kind of record that makes you tap your feet and puts you in a good mood,” explains Cassadee. “There are heartbroken songs, being in love songs, a song about someone who parties too much… If it’s not all about me, then it’s about someone very close to me who I can feel for. I just wanted to tell a story, to make it like a movie where you can really get to know someone. I wanted people to really get to know me through the lyrics.”

Forming a songwriting tandem with lead guitarist Mike Gentile, Cassadee’s vocals pierce Hey Monday’s guitar-driven underbelly like melodic daggers, her lush, vibrant voice spiraling amidst the tracks like an aerobic workout. Forging her musical path, Gentile and rhythm guitarist Alex Lipshaw riff with an infectious sense of urgency and a propensity for hyperactive pop-rock, and bassist Jersey Moriarty and drummer Elliot James elevate the bottom end with a heave-ho so dynamic, it shakes the album at its very foundation.

From the racing guitars that run rampant through the hot summer sun of “Arizona,” to the more anxious styling of “Homecoming” and the empowering ballad “Candles,” Hey Monday delivered an album that embraces the youthful energy of the musicians that created it. Spiteful breakup songs and bitter observations that an ex has moved on mingle with muffled expressions of independence and a quest for one’s self in the world around us.

Hey Monday Hold On Tight Track Listing:

1. Set Off
2. Arizona
3. How You Love Me Now
4. Homecoming
5. Obvious
6. Candles
7. Run, Don't Walk
8. Hurricane Streets
9. Josey
10. Should've Tried Harder        

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