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Minutemen - The Politics Of Time

(Vinyl LP)

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Minutemen The Politics Of Time on LP

The influential working-man's punk/rock/jazz trio Minutemen was formed in San Pedro, California in 1980 by D. Boon (guitar/vocals), Mike Watt (bass/vocals), and George Hurley (drums). The band went on to release four full-lengths and a series of EPs before D. Boon's death in an automobile accident in 1985. Watt and Hurley would go on to form fIREHOSE.

Originally issued on the Minutemen's own New Alliance Records label in 1984 between the release of their Buzz Or Howl Under the Influence of Heat EP (1983) and Double Nickels on the Dime (1984) full-length, The Politics of Time is a 27-track compilation featuring 7-tracks intended for an unreleased studio album as well as various live recordings. After purchasing New Alliance Records from Watt and securing their back catalog, Greg Ginn's SST Records reissued The Politics Of Time in 1987. 

Minutemen The Politics Of Time Track Listing:

1.   Base King 
2.   Working Men are Pissed 
3.   I Shook Hands 
4.   Below the Belt 
5.   Shit You Hear at Parties 
6.   The Big Lounge Scene 
7.   Maternal Rite 
8.   Tune for Wind God 
9.   Party With Me Punker 
10.  The Process 
11.  Joy Jam 
12.  Tony Gets Wasted in Pedro 
13.  Swing to the Right
14.  ¡Raza Si! 
15.  Times 
16.  Badges 
17.  Fodder 
18.  Futurism Restated 
19.  Hollering 
20.  Suburban Dialectic 
21.  Contained 
22.  On Trial 
23.  Spraycan Wars 
24.  My Part 
25.  Fanatics 
26.  Ack Ack Ack 
27.  The Big Blast for Youth 
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1. Base King
2. Working Men are Pissed
3. I Shook Hands
4. Below the Belt
5. Shit You Hear at Parties
6. The Big Lounge Scene
7. Maternal Rite
8. Tune for Wind God
9. Party With Me Punker
10. The Process
11. Joy Jam
12. Tony Gets Wasted in Pedro
13. Swing to the Right
14. ¡Raza Si!
15. Times
16. Badges
17. Fodder
18. Futurism Restated
19. Hollering
20. Suburban Dialectic
21. Contained
22. On Trial
23. Spraycan Wars
24. My Part
25. Fanatics
26. Ack Ack Ack
27. The Big Blast for Youth

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